Favored Sons Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

Favored Sons Walkthrough

Arthur was compelled to help Mrs. Adler to join her in killing the remaining O’Driscoll’s in the previous Main Story Mission - Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow of Red Dead Redemption 2. Continuing with the next game, the next mission we picked is Favored Sons. Look in the map for location of Cumberland Forest near Firewood Rise. Meet Dutch and Eagle Flies on the mountain edge where Dutch has a safe plan to tweak Uncle Sam’s nose.

Favored Sons Walkthrough

Favored Sons Walkthrough

For earning Gold Medal in this main story mission of Red Dead Redemption 2, you will have to kill the soldier on the cannon before 45 seconds and get around 35 headshots. Complete the full mission without taking any health items.

Find Dutch & Eagle Flies | Favored Sons

You will spot Dutch and Eagle Flies standing at the edge of the cliff waiting for the army. Dutch plans to threaten them which sound easy, but Arthur is not happy with the prank thing. Follow Dutch, down the valley and pick up the Spool. Walk towards the yellow spot to attach the wire to the Dynamite. You will have to attach the wire to four Dynamites planted on the trees. Follow Dutch back to the valley.

Detonate the Dynamite | Favored Sons


All will wait for the army patrol, detonate the explosive once they cross the first charge. Eagle Flies and Dutch will try to threaten the patrol but a second patrol will join and suddenly they will start shooting. From the edge of valley shoot down the first patrol guards below. The second patrol soldier will walk towards the valley, activate Dead Eye and mark them on your left. Don’t let them get near the valley if they come up walk towards the entrance region and kill the guards.

Loot The Soldiers | Favored Sons


Walk down and kill the remaining soldiers, and loot them. In a cutscene Arthur will regret killing the soldiers, he will be interrupted by a cannon fire. From the front side, an army of soldiers will charge towards your location. This will trigger another gun fight. Once again you will have to kill the soldiers. Look the mini-map for the red spots.

The Cannon Ball | Favored Sons

Dutch will spot the Cannon on the far side of the mountain, you have to kill the soldier to stop him from attacking. Eagle Flies will be worried about his missing brother and goes to find him. Another Cannonball attack will interfere with Dutch and Arthur’s conversation, run towards your horses.

Follow Dutch | Favored Sons


Dutch will tell you to leave the horses and walk on foot, but soon you will see guards shooting you from the top of the rocks. Keep a close eye on the red spots in mini-map that will help you to get the exact locations of guards shooting on you. This will be the third wave of a gunfight. Continue following Dutch and a few soldiers will follow. Shoot them before moving ahead, this will be the fourth wave of a gunfight. This will be long, a lot of soldiers will attack you on the narrow pass.

Escape Down The Pass| Favored Sons


Dutch will tell you to escape while he blocks down the soldiers, they will be stuck on a dead end. Surrounded by the army, you will have to press the Surrender key or else they will shoot you. Then hit the key to Backup to walk towards the end, Dutch now use his talking skills to waste some time and then jump into the river.

Swim in the river and then towards Dutch, he will pull out Arthur and for the time they escaped the army. Charles and Eagle Flies are gone missing, the mission is over here. The next mission is The King's Son, to start this one go to Wapiti India Reserve and talk to Charles.

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