A Rage Unleashed Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

 A Rage Unleashed Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

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In the previous chapter Just a Social Call – Dutch, Arthur and Micah went to visit Cornwall. Dutch plans to break a deal for a safe passage with Cornwell but things went wrong. After getting out of this, talk to Reverend in the camp to start A Rage Unleashed mission. He is sitting between a wagon and a tent. Just as you start talking Dutch will call you. Charles will come Eagle Flies who want Dutch’s help to free his horses from the Army.

A Rage Unleashed Walkthrough

A Rage Unleashed Walkthrough

For Gold Medal, you will have to knock out two soldiers on a boat, round up the horses and reach shore within 1 minute 30 seconds.

Follow Eagle Flies | A Rage Unleashed

Dutch will share the plans of escaping by going to New York. After a short while, Charles and Eagle Flies interrupt and tell Dutch about the colonel who had taken their horse. Without the horses the native’s will starve, Charles will argue for risking their lives for horses, but Dutch will agree to help for free. Walk towards your horse and follow Eagle Flies. The ride will be pretty long and you will end up reaching near a lake.

Paddle out To The Boat | A Rage Unleashed


The gang will start moving in the night, paddle towards the ship. Once you are in the yellow patch, paddle to the side of the boat so that the gang can climb up. Walk behind the soldier and subdue him. You will need to knock out two soldiers for Gold Medal. Once you subdue the one in your front, go left and you will see another one walking out. Subdue him and there will be three soldiers. You will have to expose yourself here, just knock out one and your friends will shoot the remaining two.

Release The Anchor | A Rage Unleashed


Dutch will tell you to release the anchors, use a Dynamite to blow it up. Stand far from the same, Dutch will try to control the ship but things will go out of control and the ship will crash into the rocks. It will start sinking, you will have to free the horses.

Catch And Mount One Of The Three Horses | A Rage Unleashed

Swim towards one of the three horses and mount the animal. You have to lead the horses toward the shore, turn their direction and follow your friends towards the shore. The horses will follow, for Gold Medal, you will need to do everything within 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Walk towards Dutch and there will be a cutscene. Dutch will ride away to investigate the army’s fort. Charles will try to convince Eagle Flies, that what he is going is not a proper way. Both Dutch and Eagle Flies will leave and Charles will ask Arthur to talk to Rains Fall. This completes the mission. The next main mission you can play is The Delights Of Van Horn. To start this one talk to Micah outside Van Horn Trading Post on the south of Annesburg.

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