Remnant 2: All Ring Locations & How to Get Them

Rings are helpful wearables you can find in Remnant 2, and this guide covers where you can find each one and how they work.

Rings are one of the smaller accessory items you can find while exploring any of the many worlds in Remnant 2. Even though they don’t provide any type of armor for your character, they do provide multiple unique passive bonuses that can enhance your combat abilities while you play.

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There are several rings to track down, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Here’s what you need to know about where to find all ring locations and how to get them in Remnant 2.

Every Ring Location & Where to Find Them in Remnant 2

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Your character can wield four rings at any given time in Remnant 2. Each ring will have a unique passive that can influence your character’s gameplay, and you typically want them to influence how you use your character’s Archetype, their class, throughout the game. Some might work better than others, and it also comes down to what type of weapon, skills, and traits you’ve been upgrading.

It is extremely important to note that in my experience, the locations of these rings do vary for every playthrough of Remnant 2. Although select rings appear in the same biome, they might not appear in the exact location. For example, the Feedback Loop ring was initially found in my first playthrough while exploring N’Erud, but on a second playthrough, it still appeared on N’Erud, but in a different region on my second character.

Hopefully, this guide gives you an idea of where you can expect to find these rings, and if you don’t find them with your character after beating the game, reroll the world to get a new set of areas, and more loot to obtain while playing Remnant 2.

These are all of the rings and where you can expect to find them in Remnant 2.

Ring ItemRing LocationRing NameRing Passive
TBATBAAcid StoneIncreases Acid damage by 10% and Acid Resistance by 15%
TBATBAAkari War BandPerfect Dodges increase Critical Chance by 15% and Critical Damage by 15 seconds
Alchemy StoneIncrease base lifesteal by 5% while suffering from a negative Status or Blight effect. You can find it while exploring the Losomn region.
TBATBAAlumni RingIncreases all Elemental Damage Dealt by 10%
TBATBAAmber MoonstoneWhen the wearer’s health drops below 30%, all incoming damage is reduced by 25% and wearer becomes immune to Temporary Status Effects.
TBATBAAnastasija’s InspirationWhen receiving healing effects, gain Haste for 10 seconds
TBATBAArcher’s CrestIncreases Projectile Speed by 20% and decreases Weapon Charge Time by 25%
TBATBAAssassin’s SealREduces enemy Awareness Range by 25%. Increases all damage dealt to enemies not targeting the wearer by 10%.
TBATBABand BandIncreases Speed of Revive and being Revived by 35%. Increases Downed Health and Downed Movement Speed by 100%.
TBATBABerserker’s CrestIncreases Melee Charge by 20% and reduces Melee Stamina Cost by 25%.
TBATBABlack Pawn StampReduces Cooldowns of Skills by 10%
TBATBABlackout RingAfter dealing 20% of the Weapon’s Total Magazine base damage, increases Reload Speed by 3%. Stacks 5 times
TBATBABlasting Cap RingIncrease Explosive Damage by 10%
TBATBABlessed RingAfter Receiving a benefit from a Relic, gain 2 Stacks of Bulwark for 15 seconds
Blood JewelCharged Melee Attacks apply Bleeding, dealing 260 Bleed damage over 20 seconds. You can find the Blood Jewel in the Forbidden Grove, on Yaesha.
TBATBABlood Tinged RingGain 2 Health Regeneration per second when within 10 meters of a Bleeding Enity.
TBATBABooster RingIncreases all Status Resistances by 10
TBATBABraided ThornsAfter killing an enemy, gain 15% increased Critical Chance for 10 seconds
TBATBABurden of the AudaciousDecreases all healing by 75%. Perfect Dodges heal for 15% of Maximum Health
TBATBABurden of the DestroyerDecreases Ideal Range of all Firearms by 25%. Increases all damage dealt by 15%.
TBATBABurden of the DivineAll damage dealt by the wearer is reduced by 10%. 50% of all self-healing applies to allies.
TBATBABurden of the FollowerReduces Fire Rate 15%. Increases Mod Power Generation by 50%
TBATBABurden of the GamblerDisables Weakspots. Increases Critical Change by 10% and Critical Damage by 20%
TBATBABurden of the MarinerTBA
TBATBABurden of the RebelTBA
TBATBABurden of the StargazerTBA
TBATBABurden of the WarlockTBA
TBATBACaptain’s InsigniaTBA
TBATBACataloger’s JewelTBA
TBATBACelerity StoneTBA
TBATBACompulsion LoopTBA
TBATBAConservation SealTBA
TBATBAConstant Variable RingTBA
TBATBADead King’s MementoTBA
TBATBADeceiver’s BandTBA
TBATBADeep Pocket RingTBA
TBATBADefensive Action LoopTBA
Dense Silicon RingGain 200% of Health Regenerated as Mod Power. You can find Dense Silicon in the Labyrinth
TBATBADrakestone PearlTBA
TBATBAEmbrace of Sha’HalaTBA
Encrypted RingUsing a Mod regenerates 10% of Max Health over 10 seconds. Can stack up to 30 seconds. You can find the Encrypted Ring in the Labyrinth.
TBATBAEndaira’s Endless LoopTBA
TBATBAFae Bruiser RingTBA
TBATBAFae Hunter RingTBA
TBATBAFae Protector SignetTBA
TBATBAFae Shaman RingTBA
TBATBAFae Warrior RingTBA
TBATBAFaelin’s SigilTBA
TBATBAFaerin’s SigilTBA
TBATBAFeastmaster’s SignetTBA
Feedback LoopPerfect Dodge triggers a 3 meter AOE blast that deals 65 Shock damage and applies Overloaded. You can find the Feedback Loop ring in the Phantom Wasteland on N’Erud.
TBATBAFlyweight’s StingTBA
TBATBAFocused Jewelv
TBATBAFrivolous BandTBA
Focusing ShardReduces Recoil by 25%. Aiming Down Sights gradually reduces Spread by 35% over 3.5 seconds. You can find the Focusing Shard ring in the Putrid Domain dungeon, on N’eurd
TBATBAGalvanized Resupply BandTBA
TBATBAGame Master’s PrideTBA
TBATBAGenerating BandTBA
TBATBAGrounding StoneTBA
TBATBAGuardian’s RingTBA
TBATBAGunslinger’s RingTBA
TBATBAHardcore Metal BandTBA
Hardened CoilReduces all incoming damage by 3% for each 10% of missing health. Maximum reduction at 15%. You can find this ring in Yaesha. I was able to find it underneath the Nameless Nest
TBATBAHaymaker’s RingTBA
Heart of the WolfIncreases Max Stamina by 25 and Movement Speed by 10%. You can find this ring by exploring the Faithless Thicket, close to the door leading to The Expanding Glade, on Yaesha.
TBATBAKinetic Cycle StoneTBA
TBATBALithic SignetTBA
TBATBALodestone RingTBA
TBATBALow Yield Recovery RingTBA
TBATBAMechanic’s CogTBA
TBATBAMeteorite Shard RingTBA
TBATBAMomentum DriverTBA
TBATBAPoint Focus RingTBA
TBATBAProbability CordTBA
TBATBAPropulsion LoopTBA
TBATBAReaping StoneTBA
TBATBARerouting CableTBA
TBATBAReserve Boosting GemTBA
TBATBARestriction CordTBA
TBATBARing of CrisisTBA
Ring of DeflectionDirect damage against the wearer has a 20% chance to be converted entirely to Grey Health. You can find the Ring of Deflection in The Putrid Domain on N’Erud.
TBATBARing of DiversionTBA
TBATBARing of Flawed BeautyTBA
TBATBARing of GraceTBA
TBATBARing of OmensTBA
TBATBARing of RestockingTBA
TBATBARing of RetributionTBA
Ring of the Forest SpiritRelic Healing Effectiveness is increased by 15%. You can find the Ring of the Forest Spirit in The Forbidden Grove on Yaesha.
TBATBARing of the RobustTBA
TBATBARock of AnguishTBA
TBATBARusted HeirloomTBA
SagestoneIncreases earned Experience by 10%. You can find the Sagestone Ring in The Nameless Nest on Yaesha.
TBATBASapphire DreamstoneTBA
TBATBASeal of EmpressTBA
Shard Banded RingIncreases Mod damage by 12%. You can find the Shard Banded Ring in The Labyrinth.
Slayer’s CrestIncreases Melee damage by 25% when attacking enemies from Behind. I found this one in the Expanding Glade, on Yaesha.
Spirit StoneIncrease Mod Power generation by 10%. I found this one in the Expanding Glade, on Yaesha.
TBATBAStockpile ChargerTBA
TBATBAStone of BalanceTBA
TBATBAStone of ContinuanceTBA
TBATBAStone of ExpanseTBA
TBATBAStone of MalevolenceTBA
TBATBAStream CouplerTBA
TBATBARing of the DamnedTBA
TBATBASubterfuge LinkTBA
TBATBASuppression WardTBA
TBATBATargeting JewelTBA
TBATBATarnished RingTBA
TBATBATear of KaeulaTBA
TBATBATempest ConduitTBA
TBATBATightly Wound CoilTBA
TBATBATimekeeper’s JewelTBA
TBATBATomb Dweller’s RingTBA
Vacuum SealIncreases Automatic Pickup Range for Scrap by 100%. Picking up Scrap, Iron, or Ammo grants a Shield for 10% of Max Health for 10 seconds. Does not stack. You can find the Vacuum Seal in the Timeless Horizon on N’Erud.
TBATBAVestige of PowerTBA
TBATBAWax Sealed RingTBA
TBATBAWhite Pawn StampTBA
TBATBAWind Hollow CircletTBA
TBATBAWorn Admiral’s RingTBA
TBATBAZania’s MaliceTBA

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