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Remnant 2: All Weapon Locations & How to Find Them

There are multiple weapons for you to find in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you where to find them all, and how to get them.

The weapon you use in Remnant 2 is critical to your playstyle, and the type of Archetype you’re using as you explore the dangerous worlds awaiting you beyond the crystals. There are several weapons for you to pick from, and it can be a challenge to track them all down.

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Thankfully, many of these weapons are in set locations, and some are easier to find than others. However, not every weapon you want to use in Remnant 2 is handed to you. Some of them can only be obtained as you progress through the game and defeat powerful enemies. Here’s what you need to know about all weapon locations and how to find them in Remnant 2.

Every Weapon & Where to Find Them in Remnant 2

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There are three types of weapons for you to add to your character in Remnant 2. There’s the Long Gun, the Handgun, and the Melee Weapon. Depending on your character and playstyle, you might be relying on one of these weapons more often in combat than another. However, it’s important to always have a weapon in one of these slots to make sure you can defend yourself at any given time.

We’re going to break up these three weapon categories in Remnant 2 as we list out all of the weapons, and where you can find them.

All Long Guns in Remnant 2

The Long Guns in Remnant 2 are the ones you’ll be using in long-range engagements. These are typically your heavy hitters in a majority of fights, and they typically have the most ammunition. Here are the major stats you need to consider for each weapon.

Weapon IconWeaponWeapon LocationDamageRPSMagazineIdeal RangeFalloff RangeSpecial Ability
TBAAlpha-OmegaDefeat the Annihilation in Root Earth to obtain the Forgotten Memory.157.25524 meters70 metersBeta Ray: Brands a target for 30 seconds. Branded enemies that die leave a Brand at their location. Reloading or Swapping detonates Brands dealing 225 damage.
TBAAphelionInteract with the consoles before fighting Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud622720 meters65 metersSupernova: Fires the compressed remains of a dying star. On contact or hit with the primary fire, causes Supernova to explode for 150 fire damage, and 350 burning damaged over 10 seconds to all targets within 4 meters.
AS-10 BulldogPurchased from Brabus602.51210 meters32 metersNone
Blackmaw AR-47Purchased from Brabus177.33820 meters60 metersNone
Chicago TypewriterFound in the Labyrinth Biome10118017 meters55 metersNone
TBACrescent MoonFound after stealing Nimue’s Dream with the Dreamcatcher874.1125 meters65 metersMoonlight Barrage: Empowers the Bow for 15 seconds. Arrows apply Moonlight to enemies for 3 seconds. Enemies stuck by Crescent Moon while Moonlit release a Moon Essence, which returns 1 arrow, heals 5% maximum health, and grants 15% Fire and Reload Speed for 5 seconds.
Coach GunPurchased from Brabus1152.5215 meters33 metersNone
TBACrossbowCan earn while playing as the Summoner Archetype or by completing the Imperial Gardens in Yaesha.1153.5123 meters70 metersNone
TBADeceitDefeating Faelin, and crafting the Imposter’s Heart.1202628 meters75 metersOuroboros: Conjures 3 sword fragments that encircle the wielder for 30 seconds, performing a Melee attack lets loose a Fragment, causing all attacks from Deceit to register as Weakspot hits for short period of time.
TBAFord’s ScattergunStarting weapon while playing the Explorer Archetype, or in The Red Throne while wearing the Seal of the Empress.1301.1710 meters35 metersNone
Huntmaster M1Purchased from Brabus701.5727 meters75 metersNone
MercilessCrafted from the Crimson Membrane, a material you can find on Yaesha after defeating the Corrupted Ravager and saving the Doe.138.65020 meters45 metersBloodline: Fires a devastating blast which penetrates through all enemies in its path. Deals 150 damage with 25% critical damage bonus, and 3x additional stagger. Bloodline damage is increased for 50% for each enemy penetrated.
NightfallYou must defeat the Nightweaver in Losomn, and craft the Crused Dream Silk3151018 meters50 metersDreadwalkers: Enter the Nightmare Realm. Nightfall gains infinite ammo, a 35% increase in fire rate, and 10% lifesteal, while becoming fully automatic. The wearer also becomes harder to hit while moving.
TBaPlasma CutterYou need to obtain the Navigator’s Helm from N’Erud, and visit the Navigation Room to unlock the door inside to obtain the weapon.71310017 meters30 metersHeat Sink: Forces open Plasma Cutter’s heat vents dispersing all heat. While active, Plasma Cutter generates 50% less heat and ramping damat cap is increased to 3x damage.
TBAPulse Rifle167.83022 meters65 metersNone
TBARepulsor1001.6513 meters35 meters
TBARoyal Hunting Bow804.3125 meters65 metersNone
Rusty Lever ActionAcquired from completing the Tutorial.551.81030 meters80 metersNone
SagittariusCan appear on Yaesha after solving the third puzzle in the Cathedral of Omens984.5125 meters65 metersStarfall: Fires a powerful arrow which deals 30 damage and opens a 7 meter portal that rains down star fragments. Each fragment deals 50 damage within 4 meters.
TBASaviorTBA721.9625 meters75 metersShatterstar: Imbues shots with white hot fire, dealing 100 Fire damage over 10 seconds. Lasts for 20 seconds.
TBASporebloomTBA2003.5110 meters30 metersSpore Shot: Fires a rotten spore that explodes dealing 125 damage with 6 meters and leaves a deadly gas cloud that applies Slow while dealing 15 damage per second for 7 seconds
TBAStarkillerTBA801.5530 meters80 metersGravity Core: Fires a highly compressed sphere which draws in objects and deals 50 damage on impact. When colliding with a target, a large Gravity Well opens and draws in objects for 5 seconds.
Twisted ArbalestCrafted from the Twisted Lazurite, which you can acquire from the Corrupter, who can appear on Yaesha.802120 meters70 metersGuardians Call: When Mod Power is Full, Primary Fire becomes Empowered and highlights enemies it strikes. Activating the Mod calls down a Guardian Sword on enemies struck by an Empowered Energy Disc. Swords deal 100 damage and 3x stagger within 3 meters.
WidowmakerPurchased from Brabus1252.413585None
Wrangler 1860Purchased from Brabus552.11025 meters70 metersNone
XMG57 BonesawPurchased from Brabus129.515019 meters55 metersNone

All Handguns in Remnant 2

The Handguns in Remnant 2 are your side arms. They’re going to be smaller, and in some cases, faster than your Long Guns. Many of them may not use do as much damage, but they can pack a punch, and they’re a good weapon to switch to if you want to consistently hit an enemy without having to reload. Here are all of the major stats you need to keep track of for every Handgun in Remnant 2, and where you can find these weapons.

Weapon IconWeaponWeapon LocationDamageRPSMagazineIdeal RangeFalloff RangeSpecial Ability
TBABolt DriverOn Yaesha, at the Music Box after playing the secret song.267.42417 meters52 metersNone
Cube GunCrafted after finding the Conflux Prism, an item that drops from the Labyrinth Guardian157.5518 meters52 metersCube Shield: Generates a Cube Shield which absorbs up to 500 damage.

Reactivating fires the Cube SHield which damages enemies as it travels. Damage is increased if the Cube Shield has absorbed enemy projectile damage before firing.
TBADouble BarrelUnlocking the safe in the Asylum in Losomn.1102.327 meters20 metersNone
TBAEngimaFinding the Cipher Rod in the Labyrinth, next to the Red Door.2243012 meters12 metersChaos Driver: Drives electrified rods into targets which tether to other rods within 10 meters. Tethers last 10 seconds and del 20 shock damage per second.
TBAHellfireYou can find this weapon on Root Earth in the Ashen Wasteland.136608 meters8 metersExplosive Shot: Fires an explosive round that deals up to 155 damage within 9 meters
TBAMeridianThis can appear during the Flooded Sewer event, which has a chance to appear in The Great Sewers, Tiller’s Rest, or Harvester’s Reach in Losomn821.9515 meters30 metersScreamer: Fires a high-powered rock that deals up to 200 damage within 2.5 meters
MP60-RBy Unlocking Ford’s chest, and finding the Cargo Container door914.24217 meters50 metersNone
TBANebulaYou can craft this weapon after finding the Spiced Bile by defeating Tal Ratha.128558 meters8 metersFires a stream of superhot Acid gas which applies the Corroded effect, dealing 300 Corrosive damage over 15 seconds. Killing targets with Corroded by Nebula spawns a gas cloud which applies its on-hit effect. Gas clouds lasts for 2 seconds.
Repeater PistolPurchased from Brabus157.51518 meters52 metersNone
TBARune PistolYou need to give the Ravenous Medallion to the Nightweaver’s Web in Losomn.156.64218 meters53 metersSoul Brand: Applies Soul Brand to all enemies within 25 meters, which lasts for 25 seconds. Enemies killed while bearing the Soul Brand leave behind an Echo which lasts 10 seconds before returning to the Nightmare Realm.
TBARupture CanonYou can find this weapon in the Vault of the Formless on N’Erud423.11213 meters35 metersNone
Rusty RepeaterComplete the Tutorial157.21517 meters55 metersNone
Service PistolPurchased from Brabus246.5920 meters50 metersNone
Silverback Model 500Purchased from Brabus552.4520 meters60 metersNone
TBASorrowYou can get this after giving Meidra the Tear of Kaelus.452.6516 meters52 metersEulogy: Recalls boltgs which deal 30 damage when pulled fro, when striking targets on their return. Recalled bolts grant 2% of your Maximum Health.
TBAStar ShotYou can find this weapon on the Supply Ship on N’Erud22 damage2.51021 meters54 metersBig Bang: Funnels all current Mod Charges into the next shot. Projectile deals 65 dire damage and 65 explosive damage. Explosion applies 75 burning damage over 10 seconds per Charge consumed.
SureshotPurchased from Brabus1053122 meters75 metersNone
Tech 22Purchased from Brabus8163015 meters45 metersNone
Western ClassicPurchased from Brabus325618 meters48 metersNone

All Melee Weapons in Remnant 2

Melee weapons are your lost line of defense when battling foes in Remnant 2. When they get too close, you can use these to make short work of time. These are extremely effective if you run out of ammunition with your weapons, or want to destroy pots and crates you find while exploring any of the biomes in Remnant 2. These are all of the melee weapons you can find in the game, and each of their stats.

Weapon IconWeaponWeapon LocationDamageCritical Hit ChanceWeak Spot DamageStagger ModifierSpecial Ability
TBAAssassin’s DaggerYou can have Nimue craft it if you find the Assassin’s Dagger in Losomn41-3%110%-15%Bloodthirst: Damage increases by 25% against bleeding enemies, and 25% when attacking from behind. Charge attacks deal 200 Bleeding over 10 seconds
TBAAtom SmasherAfter completing the Train on Terminius Station N’Erud, open the last train car to unlock it.725%95%11%Accelerator: Charged melee attacks increase the speed of all Melee Attacks by 10% for five seconds
TBAAtome SplitterTBA1005%90%6%Fission Strike: On Neutral Evade Attacks, Atom Splitter achieves Nuclear Fission, rleasing a wave of charged particles which deals 150 damage to targets within 20 meters.
TBABlade of AdventureTBA0000None
TBABlade of GulSpend 10 Blood Moon Essence at the Blood Moon Altar574%100%6%None
TBABone ChopperYou can start as the Alchemist Archetype to unlock it, or by finding it after completing the Feast in Losomn587%105%-3%None
DreamcatcherAcquired by completing the Asylum and using the Nightweaver’s Doll on the Nightweaver’s Web585%95%3%Dreamwave: After dealing 250 damage, Charge Attack will release a Dreamwave, flowing outwards 20 meters and returning to the caster. Dreamwave applies Slow to all enemies for 10 seconds, and grants a stack fo Reverie for each enemy affected. Each stack grants 2% to all damage and 2% movement speed, which lasts for 15 seconds
TBAEdge of the ForestYou can find this in the Imperial Gardens on Yaesha599%105%-15%None
TBAFeral JudgementFound after defeating the Ravager, and killing the Doe in the same battle.5313%110%-15%Death Sentence: Dealing Melee Damage 6 times over 10 seconds empowers Feral Judgement, Neutral Backdash Charge attacks apply Death Sentence.
TBAGodsplitterYou can craft this weapon after defeating Faerin in Losomn382%50%-20%Fracture: Charged Attacks taint the blood of targets, causing all attacks from Godsplitter to register as Weakspot hits for two seconds. Duration increases with additional fragments.
TBAHero’s SwordThis is the starting weapon for the Explorer, or you can buy it from Brabus after completing the campaign in Nightmare difficulty515%90%-10%Energy Wave: Charge attacks use 35 stamina to release an energy wave projectile allowing the wielder to strike enemies from much farther away.
TBAHuntress SpearDefeat the Huntress in Losomn636%100%-5%Athibar: A Charge attack uses 25 Stamina to throw the spear which returns to the wielder
Iron GreatswordPurchased from Brabus1055%95%13%None
Knuckle DustersPurchased from Brabus435%110%5%None
TBAKreel AxeYou can find this in Endaira’s End on Yaesha, following the second checkpoint543%85%-10%Kreel Edge: Charge to throw the Krell Axe which applies Overloaded on hit, dealing 50 Shock damage every 5 seconds for 10 seconds. Shortly after throwing, another will appear in the wielder’s hand.
TBALabyrinth StaffYou can find this in a Labyrinth Secret passage.648%95%5%None
TBANightshadeYou have to destroy the Nightweaver’s heart when she reveals it to get the Nightweaver’s Finger4718%110%-20%Beyond the Veil: Neutral Evade turns to mist, granting Nightshader 5% base damage as Lifesteal for five seconds. Perfect dodge doubles duration.
TBAOrnate BladeAccuse the correct Council Member in Losomn5211%105%-5%None
TBAOrnate FlailYou have to visit the secret room in the Council Chamber, and destroy the correct painting, and defeat a boss.6311%100%-3%None
TBARebellion SpearThis is the starting melee weapon for the Summoner, or you can get it from Bedel of the Vaunnt for saving the Doe6013%110%2%None
TBARed Doe StaffYou have to save the doe during the Ravager fight623%95%8%Lifeline: After dealing 250 damage, the next chager attack causes the Spirit of the Red Doe to stampede forward, dealing 160 damage to enemies, and regeneration 10% health to allies in its path
Royal Broadsword 1027%95%11%None
Rusted ClawsPurchased from Brabus5114%110%-9%None
Scrap HammerPurchased from Brabus838%95%9%None
Scrap HatchetPurchased from Brabus576%105%1%None
Scrap StaffPurchased from Brabus656%95%8%None
Spectral Blade Found by defeating Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud, and using the Eidolon Shard 538%105%-25%Performing a Charge Melee attack during a Neutral Backdash creates a Whirlwind of slashes
TBASmolderTBA464%95%1%Blae: Charge melee attacks apply burning which deals 150 fire damage over 5 seconds
Steel FlailPurchased from Brabus694%$100%6%None
Steel KatanaPurchased from Brabus5610%105%-10%None
Steel SpearPurchased from Brabus619%110%-4%None
Steel SwordPurchased from Brabus567%100%2%None
TBAStonebreakerCan find after defeating the Corruptor if you don’t down the Guardian during the fight1034%95%10%Faultline: Charge to fire off ground-based shockwaves which deal 115 damage
TBATal’Ratha HammerYou can find the Acidic Jawbone after fighting against the Tal Ratha Metaphysical boss785%0%0%None
TBAVice GripsYou can craft this at the Drzyr Replicator, underneath the Custoidian556%110%-18%None
TBAWorld’s EdgeCan be purchased from Brabus after clearing Apocalypse Mode1016%85%80%Horizon Strike: Charge Attacks release a wide horizontal projectile that penetrates through multiple enemies dealing 116 damage.

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