Remnant 2: How to Open The Safe in the Asylum

There’s a locked safe you can find in Remnant 2’s Asylum, and this guide will show you the combination to unlock it.

Remnant 2 is full of secrets and riddles that you have to figure out as you progress through the game. Many block your pathway through the main story quests, and others will lead you to find extraordinary items. For those who are visiting the Asylum, there’s a safe you’ll find that requires a four-digit code.

You’ll need to narrow down the location of this four-digit code to open the safe, and I recommend that you do. Not only is this safe holding an item, but it leads to an extremely useful one that you can use throughout the rest of your playthrough: the Dreamcatcher. Here’s what you need to know about how to open the safe in the Asylum in Remnant 2.

Asylum Safe Combination in Remnant 2

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You can find this safe on the first floor of the Asylum, which is a location you can visit in Remnant 2’s Losomn biome. There’s a chance you won’t get this location in your playthrough, and if you don’t, you’ll need to decide if you want to complete your current campaign or reroll it.

Unfortunately, the safe combination is not hidden behind a special book, or somewhere in the room. Instead, it has to do with the head doctor that is supposed to be leading the Asylum in Remnant 2, and they’ve been locked away. You can speak with the head doctor by finding their locked room in the basement. You can speak with her through the door, and she’ll ask you to find her stone dolls, namely the “Stone-Carved Dolls,” hidden throughout the Asylum. There are three of them.

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All Stone-Carved Doll Locations in Remnant 2

There are three Stone-Carved Dolls that you can find on the Asylum grounds. Starting from the Head Doctor, continue through the basement until you reach the outside of the building, and on the far left side will be a Stone-Carved Doll on the ground, near the shed.

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From there, return to the front of the Asylum and unlock the door for the outside. You can now enter the first floor from this location, and you proceed to the room on the right side. You’ll find the second Stone-Carved Doll on the ground.

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The final Stone-Carved Doll location for your Remnant 2 playthrough is on the third floor. Unfortunately, you need the Third-Floor Key to unlock it, which requires you to return to the front of the Asylum and interact with the shed outside. There will be an elite enemy for your battle called Ripsaw. Fight against them, and find the key in the back of the shed.

When you go to the third floor, interact with the door and insert the key to unlock it. There will be multiple Fae enemies that drop from the ceiling of the Asylum in Remnant 2, and you may or may not have encountered them before. You’ll find the Stone-Carved Doll inside the final room after defeating them.

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Now, with all three dolls, return to the head doctor in the basement. You can provide the head doctor with all three of the Stone-Carved Dolls, completing her quest. There’s also the key on the third floor that you can find on the balcony to choose to let her out. Upon receiving all items, she’ll be thankful about receiving the items, and she’ll recite a song for your troubles. I

n Remnant 2, this song holds a lot of weight because it contains the code for the iron safe. The song goes, “Two shiny copper teeth removed from // nine discarded combs, and // seven yellowed leaves excised from // one forgotten tome.”

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You can use the code for the safe in the Asylum is 2971, like the numbers mentioned in the song, and you can now unlock the safe on the first floor. Like many other quests and riddles in Remnant 2, it’s an insane quest, but it’ll give you a helpful item, a Double Barrel weapon. However, when you open the door to the head doctor’s prison, she won’t be in there, but another helpful item will be: the Nightweaver Doll.