Remnant 2: Should You Kill Faerin or Faelin?

You have to pick between taking out Faerin or Faelin in Remnant 2, and this guide covers the reqards and consequences for both choices.

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You’ll have to make multiple choices when you reach the end of a biome in Remnant 2. These choices have you picking to make a critical decision, deciding the fate of a world for the rest of your playthrough, before you reroll it. For those playing in Losomn, there’s a chance you’ll have to decide to take out one of two creatures: Faerin and Faelin.

These two are the opposite of the same coin, and they both claim to have killed the previous king in their realm. They rule their world and believe the other to be a pale imposter of the other. You must pick one of these two kings to kill, claiming to be the imposter. Should you kill Faerin or Faelin in Remnant 2?

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Picking Faerin or Faelin in Remnant 2

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What Happens When You Kill Faelin in Remnant 2? All Rewards

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Faelin is the ruler of the Beatific Gallery in Losomn. In Remnant 2, you can see him out by switching the lever to the golden side and entering the Beatific Gallery. If you choose to eliminate Faelin, you will need to fight against him in his court and attempt to overpower him.

Upon defeating Faelin, you’ll receive several items as a reward, one of them is the Strange Object, which is a critical main story item in Remnant 2. The other is the Imposter’s Heart, a unique item to Faelin. You will not receive this item if you choose to kill Faerin. The Imposter’s Heart allows you to craft Deceit, a long gun.

Because you obtain the item called “Imposter’s Heart” from Faelin, it is revealed that he is the imposter of the two, and making this selection makes him the better choice.

You can also choose to return to Faerin and speak to him about what you’ve done. He will reward you for doing so in this Remnant 2 player, and hands you Faerin’s Sigil Ring.

What Happens When You Kill Faerin in Remnant 2? All Rewards

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The alternative choice is to go to the Malefic Gallery and speak with Faerin. He will ask you to defeat Faelin in combat there, as he is the imposter between the two. Regardless of the correct decision, you have the choice to battle against Faerin and attempt to defeat him in combat.

Should you defeat Faerin in his court, ridding Faelin of his counterpart, you’ll receive multiple rewards, such as the Strange Object main quest item and the Melded Hilt. You can take the Melded Hilt back to Ward 13 to craft Godsplitter, a melee weapon you can use in combat in Remnant 2.

Between the two, Faelin is revealed to be the imposter, and this is implied by his having the Imposter Heart as a lootable item, this is the better choice to make between the two. However, both reward you with an item you can use in Ward 13 to craft in future adventures.

For my first playthrough, I picked to go with eliminating Faelin. I did this purely on instinct and felt that Faerin was being far more truthful with me and had the presence of someone who knew what he was doing as a Fae King. However, if you’d like to get both items, you can reroll your world and hope to get this storyline again when you visit Losoma. Rerolling a storyline with a character completing the game is an excellent way to obtain unique items you may not have received during your campaign.