Remnant 2: How To Unlock All Postulant’s Parlor Doors

There are locked doors in Postulant’s Parlor in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you how to open them all with a simple trick.

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The Postulant’s Parlor in Remnant 2 is a unique area you can explore when you arrive to Lomosn. It’s one of the more beautiful locations for you to check out, but it’s still full of dangers and mysteries. A challenging aspect to overcome is the fact that many of the doors in this region are closed, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to unlock them.

The answer is unclear, but there’s a distinct way to make your way inside these areas. Unlocking these doors takes a bit of finesse, and once you find out the answer, it should make things much easier to navigate. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock all Postulant’s Parlors doors in Remnant 2.

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How to Open Every Door in Postulant’s Parlor in Remnant 2

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When you first arrive at the Postulant’s Parlor in Remnant 2, a few doors are locked off, preventing you from visiting these rooms. They will be blocked off from all sides, regardless of what location you attempt to reach out to them. What’s worse is the doors don’t have a lever nearby, and there don’t appear to be any invisible walls you can use to bypass the open areas to reach them.

There is, however, a board game you can play at the top end of the area, and an opponent is waiting for you to play the game. When you initially arrive, I recommend playing the game and beating your opponent to unlock the weapon hidden behind them, the Royal Bow, that you can use in Remnant. After beating your opponent, return to the game to start it up again, and your next goal is to move your opponent’s pieces on the board. These are the locked rooms, and moving them unlocks the doors for you.

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You open all of the doors in the Postulant’s Parlor by carefully moving your pieces around the board. Your opponent’s goal for this board game in Remnant 2 is to line up their pieces so they get three in a row. You have to partially lead them across the board to slowly move these pieces in ways that you can reach any previously locked rooms.

The real trick is making sure you don’t trap yourself, blocking your pathway out of the room so you can reach the now-open doors. This might take a bit of practice, and the punishment for losing the game in Remnant 2 is a stack of Curse, which is not the worst thing in the world. You can always return to the World Stone at the bottom of the map to refresh your character and try again.

You’ll have the chance to repeat this process as much as you’d like until you’ve unlocked each closed door. These rooms contain worthwhile items in Remnant 2, and I encourage everyone to grab them.