Remnant 2: Should you Give Meidra the Tear of Kaeula?

Meidra was the sister of Kaeula, and you find the Tear of Kaeula while playing Remnant 2. Here’s what happens if you give her the ring.

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Meidra is an optional character that you can find while exploring Yaesha in Remnant 2. She’s a bright blue being that tells you a fortune when you first meet her, requesting that you answer her questions truthfully and from your heart. At one point, she’ll mention her sister, Kaeula, whom you find in Yaesha, and you pick up the Tear of Kaeula.

The Tear of Kaeula is a ring you find shortly after fighting against Kaeula. When you tell the story of fighting Kaeula to Meidra, she’ll be excited to hear that you have ended her sister’s suffering. There’s also an option that you can give a ring to Meida. Should you give the Tear of Keula ring to Medira, and what happens if you do in Remnant 2?

What Happens When You Give Meidra the Tear of Kaeula in Remnant 2

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Your first choice is to give the Tear of Kaeula ring to Meidra in Remnant 2. She is excited to hear you’re willing to give up the item to her, thanking you for doing so. Not only will Meidra be thankful for freeing her sister, and giving her the ring, she wants to make sure to reward you for your hard work. She gives you a handgun that you can use for the rest of the game: the Sorrow.

The Sorrow is a hand crossbow that only has five shots. However, although it might not fire too much, it’s a weapon that does 72 damage, has an RPS of 2.6, an ideal range of 16 meters, and a falloff range of 52 meters. Plus, it comes with a unique ability called Eulogy, where it recalls the bullets it fires out back to you, and each bolt recalled gives you 2% of your Max Health back to you, and the bolts overfill the Sorrow’s magazine, up to five, meaning you can now fire 10 bolts if you get them all back.

The Sorrow is an excellent weapon to have in your arsenal in Remnant 2. I frequently use it and have it as my sidearm when I play as my Gunslinger and Field Medic character.

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What Happens If You Don’t Give Meidra the Tear of Kaeula in Remnant 2

The other option is to keep the Tear of Kaeula. Meidra insists that you do at the beginning of your conversation with her in Remnant 2, and if you choose to go down this route, you’ll continue to hold onto the ring, and you can wear it on your character. The effect of the ring is that it increases the effectiveness of your Relic by two, giving you two additional charges in Remnant 2. This is a huge boon for the start of the game, but this easily falls off as you go further into the campaign and unlock more charges.

For myself, I found that giving the ring to Meidra was a better option. The Sorrow is a good weapon in Remnant 2, and I found a lot more use for it than simply keeping it for myself. This was a personal choice. However, if you reroll your campaign and meet Meidra again, keeping the Tear of Kaeula doesn’t hurt.