Reverse 1999: Incredible Unicorn (Full Guide)

To complete Reverse 1999’s optional trail Incredible Unicorn, type the following answer into the text box.

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I love it when a gacha game throws a knowledge check my way. Don’t worry; the answer to Reverse 1999’s Incredible Unicorn question is easier to get than you think.

Now and then, Reverse 1999’s main story is sprinkled with some additional flavor via optional trails. These are completely missable (or skippable, if you don’t feel like banging your head against a wall looking for the answer) unless you look for extra content on your screen. The Incredible Unicorn puzzle is one of Reverse 1999’s optional trails. The answer is pretty straightforward if you’ve been paying attention to the story. But if you’re just skimming through each bit of dialogue, you’ll be feeling pretty lost.

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Incredible Unicorn Answer in Reverse 1999

Incredible Unicorn Answer in Reverse 1999
Screenshot by Gamepur

The answer to the Incredible Unicorn puzzle in Reverse 1999 is Quiet Ravenheart.

To figure this out, you must refer to the question in the puzzle: “Sotheby’s Mansion has thousands of artifacts. What is the thing with one horn hung high above her hall that always gazes at people?”

The character who holds the answer is Sotheby herself, who let this piece of information slide in chapter 2-04: Antidote as soon as you set foot in the Mansion.

Since you can easily run into the Incredible Unicorn in stage 1-7, it’s likely you haven’t even gone through this part of the story yet. If this is the case, don’t beat yourself up over not knowing the answer yet. However, if you don’t mind getting a completely irrelevant detail of the story spoiled for yourself, just type “Quiet Ravenheart” in the box below the question and then click or tap Submit

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Your reward for completing Incredible Unicorn in Reverse 1999 is 20x Clear Drops. They should definitely come in handy to pull some of Reverse 1999’s best characters.