Reverse 1999: Pickles Character Guide (Best Build & Psychubes)

A pet who’ll stop mid-walk to ask philosophical questions. Here’s the best build for Pickles in Reverse 1999.

Pickles Reverse 1999

Image via Bluepoch

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Reverse 1999’s global version lets you pull for the fluffiest philosopher in England: Pickles. Because Bluepoch wasn’t about to add Hume and Locke to the game.

Pickles’ addition to Reverse 1999 raises many questions, and not particularly the philosophical kind. For one, everyone’s first question is behind all that fur and cute accent lies an actually solid character who can hold their own in combat. And then, even if you pull for Pickles, how can you equip them, and who can you team them up with to make them go from cute philosophy pet to deadly battlefield asset? In this guide, we’ll go over whether you should pull for Pickles and their best skills, psychubes, and team.

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Should You Pull for Pickles in Reverse 1999?

Should You Pull for Pickles in Reverse 1999
Screenshot by Gamepur

Pickles is an S-tier character who can work beautifully with the right team and build; he is a fantastic character to pull for in Reverse 1999. In my experience, he has made battles go down much more smoothly and faster, thanks to his high mental damage output.

However, the decision to pull for Pickles ultimately boils down to your preferences and current team composition. Before making the choice, think of the following:

  • If you don’t have a solid, versatile support unit, Pickles could be the missing piece.
  • If there’s a character you’re eagerly awaiting from the CN versions, you might want to save some pulls.
  • If Pickles is your absolute favorite, go all in. After all, what’s the fun in a game you can’t play with characters you genuinely love.

Reverse 1999: Pickles Overview & Best Skills

Best pickles Psychubes in Reverse 1999
Screenshot by Gamepur

Pickles is the universal support unit in Reverse 1999 that works wonders with any team composition. His main strength lies in his¬†versatility, as he can both deal damage and buff. Let’s dissect his skills and understand how he can be the perfect fit for your roster.

Most of Pickles’ skills play around the concept of “Clarified Topic.” This status improves Pickles’ following move, but it often doubles the damage he can deal with each skill. 

  • Thus, Spoke Pickles deals 500% mental damage to one target and tails the enemy for 30% damage in two consecutive turns. With Clarified Topic active, it has three turns instead of two.
  • Nihilism Abuse Deals 200% (1-star), 300 (2-star), or 500% (3-star) mental damage to one target. With Clarified Topic active, it deals 50% more damage.
  • Hedonism Implement deals 150% (one and two stars) or 300% (three-star) damage to two targets. Two and three-star attacks also dispel buffs from the enemy. With Clarified Topic, With Clarified Topic active, it deals 50% more damage.

Best Pickles Psychubes in Reverse 1999

Best pickles Build in Reverse 1999
Screenshot by Gamepur

When it comes to selecting the perfect Psychube for Pickles, there’s a clear winner: Brave New World. This Psychube enhances Pickles’ ultimate might.

All other currently available Psychubes won’t make much of a difference in his build since he’s not strictly a DPS. Things might change as we catch up with the CN version, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates and how they can play into the overall Pickles build in Reverse 1999.

Best Teams for Pickles in Reverse 1999

Best pickles Team in Reverse 1999
Screenshot by Gamepur

Pickles is extremely adaptable, so he can seamlessly fit in almost any ensemble. Still, here are some suggestions on the teams I like to build with everyone’s favorite good boy.

  • Pickles + DPS + Healer: Pair Pickles with any DPS character you favor and a reliable healer. Remember, Pickles can deal some damage, but he’s also really good at buffing an even better DPS.
  • Pickles + Eternity: To¬†maximize Pickles’ mental damage potential, team him up with other mental damage dealers like Eternity. Pickles will ramp up Eternity’s power, making her a lethal force while they both dish out damage.
  • Pickles + Tooth Fairy: While Pickles might not be the go-to for crit-focused teams, Tooth Fairy is already great and critical hits. So, pairing Pickles with Tooth Fairy can create a well-rounded team that excels in dealing critical hits.
  • Pickles + Changeling: If you’re interested in building a poison-focused team, Changeling and Pickles can work together just fine. They are both DPS-centered characters whose potential can be exploited thanks to Pickles’ buffs.