The 10 best Gacha Games for Android, iOS, and more

The best collecting games to stress test your phone battery.

Gacha games have been becoming increasingly common and popular in the last few years. Like the vending machines they are named after, Gacha games center on pulling random virtual items through a system similar to loot boxes. You collect everything you can to gain rare items and powerful characters. You can make your friends jealous while building a great team to move through a campaign or move up the rankings in multiplayer. Here is our list of the best Gacha games currently available on mobile devices. Some of these games may also be available on other consoles. Every entry is continually being updated with more features and stories to play through.

Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo

The latest game for miHoYo has already gained incredible popularity. The fantasy RPG setting and beautifully rendered world have attracted players from every genre and platform. The game is a hero collector with plenty of unique combat mechanics to keep anyone busy. It has an interesting story in a large immersive world that rewards exploration. Best of all, you don’t need to spend your paycheck to be able to advance. While in-game spending can help you a little, everyone needs to grind a bit to advance. Luckily the game rewards you very well for grinding and has a fun co-op function so you can explore with your friends.

Azure Lane

Screengrab via Idea Factory

Azure Lane is one of the oldest and most popular mobile Gacha games currently available. This is a naval warfare JRPG and a combination of an RPG, a shooter, and a tactical game. One thing we love about this game is that it isn’t pay-to-win. While there are in-game micro-transactions, you can be a competitive player without needing to empty your bank account. This is a very user-friendly game that anyone can get into regardless of experience. This is the perfect title for people new to Gacha games.

Dragon Ball Legends

Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment

The Gacha genre is closely tied to JRPG and Anime games. It’s not surprising that a Dragon Ball game has made it onto this list. The Dragon Ball franchise has a game for all of the most popular genres, and Gacha is no exception. Dragon Ball Legends is one of the most popular Action Anime RPGs ever made. There are tons of popular characters for you to collect and play as. The game features the PvP and co-op multiplayer action that the franchise is well known and loved for.

Fate/Grand Order

Image via Sega+

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile entry to the wildly popular Fate Franchise. If you love the anime series, you will definitely enjoy this game. The game has an enjoyable and immersive story with turn-based combat. The Gacha mechanic gives you tons of characters to play with. It features the excellent anime art style expected from a modern JRPG and has plenty of events to participate in.

The Alchemist Code

Image via Gumi Inc.

The Alchemist Code has a little bit of everything, a JRPG with an anime art style, an excellent soundtrack, tactical gameplay, lots of action, and a good story. The game uses more traditional strategy game mechanics than those more commonly found in JRPGs. It has a bunch of characters to collect and play with and an excellent multiplayer mode. Players need to master the power of Alchemy to save the world in competitive PvP and co-op. There are also plenty of events going on at all times to keep the game interesting.


Image via Hypergryph

Arknights is a good combination of a Strategy RPG and a Gacha game. It is a very good hybrid of strategy and JRPG mechanics, and there are hundreds of characters to unlock and play with. The only real bad part of this game is that it has a slower pace than the other games on this list. This is a better game for people who just want something casual and relaxing with good strategy elements. The game also has automated features that allow you to keep playing while you are busy binging on Netflix. The game also has a much bigger focus on collecting characters than other games on this list.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Image via Nintendo

The Fire Emblem franchise is no stranger to mobile gaming. It has been one of Nintendo’s most popular handheld game series since it was published on GameBoy Advance back in 2003. This entry in the series brings a lot of the mechanics from the handheld games to your smartphone. Players can enjoy the strategy RPG gameplay that made the series popular while collecting tons of characters, both new and old.

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

Image via Atlus

This is a great game for fans of the Shin Megami Tensei or Persona series. The game brings the SMT universe to your smartphone with a beautiful mix of 3D and anime graphics and has a fun campaign and lots of special events and side quests to jump into.

The best part about Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 is that many demons from the series are available to collect with more being added all the time. You can collect, fuse, and upgrade your favorite demons to build any team you want. The game uses the turn-based combat found in other entries in the series.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Image via Gumi Inc.

Final Fantasy has slowly but steadily made a move into the mobile market for a few years now. The previous mobile games were fun, but Brave Exvius is the best so far. The game has a long immersive story, lots of special events, and plenty of characters to collect. It uses the standard JRPG turn-based combat style so veteran players will have no problem slipping into the familiar gameplay. For fans of Square Enix games in general, there are also plenty of cross-over events to look forward to.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Image via miHoYo

A previous hit from the developers of Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, has many of the same features we love. This is a fun futuristic RPG where you can get weapons, outfits, and character items from the Gacha system. There is also a character collecting mechanic where you can easily switch between characters to fill any role needed. The game comes with a fun campaign and multiplayer modes with plenty of action. This game is very addicting for anyone that likes action RPGs or JRPGs.