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Risk of Rain 2 - All lunar items list
Source: Hopoo Games via Gamepur

Risk of Rain 2 All Lunar Items

Get all them 22 Lunar items and make crazy builds.

Lunar items in Risk of Rain 2 are unique and hard-to-get items that stand out with a blue outline. These items can be obtained and used on a melee or a ranged build, but each item comes with a set of benefits and drawbacks. You cannot pick the Lunar items blindly, as it could ruin the overall build. Therefore, this guide aims to give you quick knowledge about the effects of all Lunar items in Risk of Rain 2 so you can balance out the negative effects with the positive ones.

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All Lunar Items

A player near portal - Risk of Rain 2
Source: Hopoo Games via Gamepur

Here is a complete list of all 22 Lunar items, including the four pieces of equipment and their effects in Risk of Rain 2

Effigy Of Grief (Equipment)

Effigy of Grief moon item in Risk of Rain 2 creates an area-of-effect that slows and reduces the armor of all entities within a 15m radius, and this includes players as well. With this equipment, you can place up to five Effigies, and as you move on to placing the sixth one, the first one will be replaced.

Using the Effigy of Grief is best if you are running with the ranged characters. However, you will get some poor results if you get this equipment on melee builds.

Spinel Tonic (Equipment)

The Spinel Tonic boosts all stats for 20 seconds. However, the downside is that you get a 20% chance of gaining the Tonic Affliction debuff afterward, which reduces your character stats by 5%.

On the surface, this Lunar item looks powerful but over time weakness your character. However, with the 57 Leaf Clover, this chance drops to 4% so there is still some room and opportunity to utilize the Spinel Tonic equipment and dish out high damage output.

Helfire Tincture (Equipment)

Helfire Tincture surrounds your character in a blue flame that lasts for 12 seconds max. This fire inflicts the hellfire debuff on all characters within a 15m radius.

If you can escape the circle or radius quickly, you can use the equipment to your advantage. Therefore, fast-moving survivors like Loader, and MUL-T can get benefit greatly from Helfire Tincture. However, the debuff deals damage five times per second and lasts for three seconds, so the slow-moving characters can die easily if they have this Lunar equipment.

Glowing Meteorite (Equipment)

Glowing Meteorite Moon item in Risk of Rain 2 rains meteors for 20 seconds, and it damages everyone, including you and your allies. Each meteor deals 600% damage but this damage falls off in the late-game due to no scaling factor.

This Lunar equipment is very useful for crowd control, especially during the boss fights when you have loads of enemies spawned on you. But you need fast-moving survivors. Therefore, the best characters for this item are Loader and Mercenary.

Visions of Heresy

Visions of Heresy Lunar item in Risk of Rain 2 replaces your primary skill with Hungering Gaze, and fires tracking shards that stick to enemies and explode after a second. This item is very lethal as it deals 120% base damage of your character on enemies.

Overall, the Visions of Heresy Lunar item shines the best when used with the ranged characters as it enhances on-hit item procs. Therefore, we recommend you pick Loader, Mercenary, or Acrid for this item.


Transcendence converts all your health into regenerating shields, leaving you with just one hit-point. This is a very high-risk-high-reward item, as you will heavily rely on the shields only that regenerate, and if you deplete these, you have no protection.

This Lunar item boosts your maximum health by 50%, but healing items do not work at all. This is why the Transcendence item is best for mobile characters like Acrid.

Strides of Heresy

This Risk of Rain 2 Moon Items replaces your utility skill with Shadowfade. The Strides of Heresy item makes you temporarily invulnerable, enhances movement speed by 30%, and heals you for 18.2% of your maximum health.

This Lunar item may seem overpowered, but it is not, as the close-quarters characters are best for this item only. You will put yourself in grave danger if you equip this item with a slow-moving character like Captain.

Stone Flux Pauldron

Stone Flux Pauldron is a double-edged sword item. This Lunar item doubles your health but halves your movement speed.

While the speed reduction is permanent and may seem like a severe drawback of equipping the Stone Flux Pauldron Lunar item, certain characters like Loader can negate this drawback with their increased movement speed.

Shaped Glass

Shaped Glass turns your character into a glass cannon build by doubling your base damage and at the same time, halving your maximum health.

This playstyle is not for the beginners. Sure, you can kill enemies easily due to a 2x damage boost from the Shaped Glass, but you also die easily due to a reduced health bar. Therefore, this Lunar item is ideal for ranged characters but risky for those in melee or close combat.


Purity Lunar item decreases all skill cooldowns by two seconds, and at the same time, it introduces an extra roll for negative random effects to your build. This Lunar item is beneficial for builds that rely heavily on luck to negate the downsides.

Mercurial Rachis

Mercurial Rachis spawns a Ward of Power randomly, buffing damage by 50% for all characters inside. This affects not only you and your allies but enemies also.

There is a certain level of high risk associated when you use the Mercurial Rachis Lunar item. You can potentially overpower a boss’ damage and can be killed in one-shot.

Therefore, the best case use of this Lunar item is while playing with the ranged characters like the Huntress and Railgunner who can strategically utilize the ward’s area without being overwhelmed by enemy mob.

Light Flux Pauldron

The Light Flux Pauldron is a Lunar item from the Survivors of the Void DLC. This item is perfect for high-attack speed builds, even with less damage per hit.

The Light Flux Pauldron Lunar item basically halves cooldowns while trading it for halving attack speed. This is best for skill-focused survivors such as Acrid and Loader. However, it will make a build highly unstable if you use it on survivors like the Railgunner or Huntress.

Hooks of Heresy

Hooks of Heresy is like a dark spirit that clings to your chosen survivor’s secondary skill. Consider picking this Lunar item if your secondary skill needs a boost before picking up Hooks to try out Slicing Maelstrom.

This Lunar item skill fires an area-of-effect projectile that heavily damages and immobilizes enemies in an area, making it effective for debuffing items.

Gesture of the Drowned

Gesture of the Drowned significantly reduces the equipment cooldowns but automatically triggers them as soon as they are ready.

This Lunar item effect is especially beneficial for equipment that provides passive bonuses, such as critical hit rate maximization, healing enhancements, or stat boosts. Otherwise, without passive stat bonuses, you will get very limited use out of this Lunar item in Risk of Rain 2.

Focused Convergence

Focused Convergence amps up the teleporter charging time by 30%. On the flip side, this Lunar item reduces the teleporter zone size by 50%, making it increasingly hard for you to stay inside it and keep the charging going.

This Lunar item is suicidal for ranged build characters. However, melee-build survivors like Captain and Mercenary will benefit greatly.

Eulogy Zero

The Eulogy Zero item is from the Survivors of the Void DLC and gives a 5% chance for spawned items to become random Lunar Items. While this is an excellent item to collect all the Risk of Rain 2 Moon Items or to complete the item Logbook, the tradeoff is not worth it.

Lunar Items are powerful but can destabilize your build if you keep on hoarding them blindly. You must only pick the Eulogy Zero Lunar item if you want more Lunar items without actually spending the Lunar Coins.

Essence of Heresy

The Essence of Heresy Lunar item replaces your special skill with Ruin. When your survivor deals damage, the Ruin stacks up for ten seconds. After that, activating this skill causes all accumulated Ruin stacks to explode, dealing significant damage to your target.

While this is a powerful Lunar item, stacking Essence of Heresy extends Ruin’s duration but, at the same time, it also increases the cooldown.


Egocentrism is a Survivors of the Void DLC Lunar item that spawns homing bombs and deals significant damage to targets. For every 60 seconds, it converts one random item you carry into a bomb.

This Lunar item can potentially destroy your whole build, as you do not get to pick which item gets converted into a bomb. Therefore, go for this Lunar item if you have lots of items and their stacks.

Defiant Gouge

Defiant Gouge turns every shrine activation into a combat encounter, which is great if you want to farm gold after defeating enemies at the shrines.

However, when you stack more Defiant Gouge Lunar items, you will get to face an increased enemy difficulty. This eventually becomes a drag as you near the end-game and wish you never got the Defiant Gouge item in the first place.


Corpsebloom lunar item doubles the healing you receive, and at the same time, it also spreads it out over time, maxing at 10% of health per second.

While this is much-needed for characters like REX, who heavily rely on passive healing items, it generally reduces the healing efficiency of your survivor over time. However, if you pair this Lunar item with a Rejuvenation Rack, it will buff the healing you receive.

Brittle Crown

Equipping the Brittle Crown Lunar item gives you a 30% chance to get gold at every hit. However, the downside of this item is that you lose gold if you take a hit.

This Lunar item is best when you want to earn gold to unlock chests early in the run. However, it is risky for a tank or melee to build characters as you are very easy to get hit. Ranged survivors like Huntress and Railgunner benefit most due to easier dodging.

Beads of Fealty

The Beads of Fealty in Risk of Rain 2 have no immediate effect, yet it is an important Lunar item if you want to unlock a new ending. This will happen if you have the item in the inventory and then you obliterate yourself at the Obelisk.

After that, you will not die, and the run will not end. Instead, the game will transport you to a unique area where you face the Twisted Scavenger, a hidden final boss with four variants. When you defeat this boss, you earn 10 Lunar Coins and also unlock a special ending.

We hope you found our list of all Lunar Items in Risk of Rain 2 helpful. If there are any new Lunar Items added in future updates, we’ll be sure to add them here and keep this list updated.

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