Risk of Rain 2 – What Is The Blue Orb? How To Spawn The Blue Portal And Visit The Lunar Shop


Risk of Rain 2 may just be out, but it is already giving up some of its secrets. When playing you may have seen a message that says “a blue orb has appeared.” If you are curious what this means, then read on for all the information we have at the moment.

What Is The Blue Orb? How To Spawn The Blue Portal

Now, the reason for the message is that someone on your team found a small blue rock with some light blue spines. If you give this a Lunar Coin, then the blue orb will spawn! Or at least, based on my experience this appears to be what happens.

Lunar Portal

The Blue Orb seems to cause the Lunar Portal to appear when you defeat the boss. Defeat the boss before the teleporter hits 100%, and you will open up the Blue Portal. You can jump through the portal, and visit the Bazaar Between Realms. In there, you will find a mysterious trader. He wants 10 Lunar coins; an item occasionally earned from defeating enemies. For those 10 Lunar Coins, you can unlock the Artificer character.

There will also be two shrines, where you can trade items in for different items, just in case, your build is not going as you hoped it would. There is also an altar where you can trade Lunar Coins for special items. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for your chance to visit the Bazaar Between Realms!