Risk of Rain 2 Guide Wiki | Characters, Items, Cheats, Unlocks, and More


Risk of Rain 2 surprised launched a few days ago to the applause of many of its loyal fan-base. With a sprawling world, lots of characters to play, and a bunch of loot to find, players are sure to have hours of entertainment to look forward to going forward.

A lot of the game, even though it is in early access, is shrouded in mystery though. There are a ton of secret levels, bosses, and loot to find as well as characters hiding away somewhere in the game’s code. With so much to do, we compiled this list of all the important bits to point you in the right direction.

Risk of Rain 2 How-To Guide

Similar to tops, How To guides will help you learn more about various parts of the game on offer to give you solutions to a host of issues.

Character guides

There are five characters currently in the game with more on the way. If you are looking to unlock them all, check out each handy guide down below.

Risk of Rain 2 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Below are a few tips and tricks on the game that can help you to tackle different types of problems.