Does Risk of Rain 2 have a final boss?

Final Boss

Risk of Rain 2 see's the series take a turn into 3D. The core gameplay is still the same, as you explore alien landscapes, take on hordes of vicious enemies, gather up gold, and open chests to find items. Each run is slightly different, as the location of Teleporters, available loot, and sometimes even the order of levels can all change. Each stage finishes with a boss fight, but does the game have an official final boss?

The answer, sadly, is not at the moment. Having just arrived in Early Access yesterday, developers Hopoo Games wanted to focus on giving a polished core gameplay loop for players to explore and experience. As such, the game can largely be played forever right now, should you live that long. Stages just endlessly lead into each other, always getting progressively more difficult. 

Okay, you probably couldn't play the game forever, but there is definitely no official end state or final boss at the moment. It also seems the game doesn't even have all the bosses it will have by the time it hits release! Hopoo Games have said they want it to launch with twelve bosses, and I certainly haven't seen that many. I have also played the game so much over the last 24 hours that I am starting to think I may never play another game again.

It is currently planned that the game will spend about a year in Early Access, and I willing to bet a whole lot of gold that the final boss won't show up until the last update.

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