Risk of Rain Returns: How To Unlock Acrid Survivor

Acrid is one of the fan favorite Survivors in the Risk of Rain franchise, and here’s how to unlock him in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Acrid is a Genetic Experiment Chimera whose Shipping Container ended up landing in the Sunken Tombs of Petrichor V after the space train it was on, The Contact Light, crashed landed. Granted, it crashed not from some natural occurrence but from a targeted attack from the final boss of Risk of Rain, AKA Providence.

In the newest release from Hopoo Games, Risk of Rain Returns, there are now 15 playable Survivors to unlock and enjoy. In the original release of this game back in 2013, there were only 12 Survivors, but this remake/remaster has not only added a whole host of other content but also three new playable characters with the Pilot, the Drifter, and the Artificer from Risk of Rain 2. However, the method to unlock most returning Survivors remains the same, including the method for unlocking Acrid.

Let’s go over how exactly you’re meant to unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns and how it differs, if at all, from the unlock method in the original game. 

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How To Unlock Acrid

Screenshot via Gamepur

Unlocking Acrid is honestly one of the easier things to do in Risk of Rain Returns, especially when it comes to Survivor unlocks. To get this Poisonous Chimera, you simply need to complete the “Free the Chained Creature” Challenge. Completing this challenge involves a couple of things, so here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Reach the Sunken Tombs: This is the third of six stages; if you end up in the Ancient Valley, you’ll need to restart (or do a full loop and come back around).
  2. Climb to the very top right section of the Sunken Tombs (above water). There should be a locked grey Shipping Container sitting there; if not, restart and try again.
  3. (Optional) Gear up and come back to fight Acrid: Remember this location, then progress through the Sunken Tombs as usual, complete the Teleporter Event, and collect items to make the fight against Acrid easier.
  4. Open the Shipping Container: When you’re ready, return to Acrid’s Container and interact with it to open it and unleash this iconic Test Subject. 
  5. Beat Acrid: Acrid will be hostile and will have a visible Health Bar at the top of the screen. Fight and defeat them.
  6. Wait For The Unlock To Pop Up: After you beat him, the ‘Free the Chained Creature’ Challenge should pop up as completed, and you’ll have Acrid in your unlocked Survivors at the end of your run regardless of whether you make it to the end or not.
Screenshot via Gamepur

And that’s all that unlocking Acrid actually involves. It’s a very simple process, with the only real ‘roadblock’ being that Acrid can kill you if you’re not careful. Funnily enough, you can also get a ‘secret’ skin for the Chef Survivor if you specifically defeat Acrid using their ‘Cook’ Ability. And there’s even an Achievement for Killing Acrid in less than 15 seconds.