How To Unlock Chef In Risk of Rain Returns

Unlock Chef survivor by gathering these five specific food related items and chop enemies to pieces in your runs.

Risk of Rain Returns - Chef

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Survivors are the core gameplay value in Risk of Rain Returns, as each of these 14 characters comes with unique skills offering versatile builds and playstyles. At the same time, you start with two characters, Hunter and Commando; the rest of the roster needs to be unlocked.

Survivors like HAN-D, Robomando, and Pilot will require you to go above and beyond while doing runs, but not all of them demand extensive grinds for unlocking. Chef is one such playable character that becomes accessible once you collect a few items, all of which are related to food, of course!

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Items Required To Unlock Chef

Risk of Rain Returns - Chef character log screen
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Here is the list of items you must acquire in a single run to unlock Chef Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns.

  • Meat Bugget
  • Bustling Fungus
  • Sprouting Egg
  • Foreign Fruit
  • Bitter Root

With the exception of Bitter Root, the remaining items are unlocked by default and will spawn randomly from the chests or after beating the boss.

How To Get Bitter Root

Bitter Root item in Risk of Rain Returns
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To get Bitter Root to appear in the item pool, you need to complete the “In Good Health” challenge that tasks you to reach 650 health for any survivor in a single run.

Increasing the base health of any survivor can be achieved with the use of items or leveling up as you clear stages and keep on looping the game’s map. However, the best and the quickest method to reach a higher health pool is by getting an Infusion item, as this one increases your survivor’s base health permanently by 0.5 with every enemy killed.

Best Strategy To Unlock Chef

Chef Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns
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Getting the Chef character in the game seems like a straight task as you need to get five food-related items we have listed above. However, since the item drops are purely RNG-based and you never know what item drops next as you open a chest, using Artifact of Command is the only way to ensure you get the desired items.

If you still haven’t obtained it, to get Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns, explore the top right side on The Hive Cluster, and there is a great chance you get this item. Once you have it, end your current run and begin the next one with this Artifact enabled.

Doing so will give you a choice of selecting items every time you open a chest, enabling you to pick select items instead of forcing random drops. After that, focus on getting the five food items required to unlock Chef, and once you have all of these, Chef will become playable in the next run.