How To Unlock The Artifact Of Command In Risk of Rain Returns

Get the Artifact of Command and say goodbye to the RNG loot drops in Risk of Rain Returns.

Hive Cluster Map variant

Screenshot by Gamepur

Artifacts in Risk of Rain Returns are modifiers that can make the entire run butter smooth or hard to beat. This depends on the number and type of Artifacts you activate after selecting your character.

Since Risk of Rain Returns features a diverse range of RNG items for players to pick and run with, the Artifact of Command narrows it down to pick whatever they like. Using this Artifact enables players to create whatever build they want and make the run go in their favor by stacking some of the powerful items in the game.

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Artifact of Command Location

Disappearing vines in The Hive Cluster map - Risk of Rain Returns
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Artifact of Command can be found at the top right side in one of The Hive Cluster map’s variants in the game. There is always a chance that you do not get the map variant with this Artifact’s location. In such instances, you must keep redoing runs and explore the top right side of The Hive Cluster map until you find a platform holding the artifact and a series of disappearing vines before it, as seen in the image above.

The series of disappearing vines is an illusion, which can still be grabbed regardless of turning invisible. Just hop on the platform adjacent to these pink, gooey disappearing vines and time your jumps on them. Even if these pink threads vanish from your sight, your character can still grab them.

With successful platforming, you can reach the right end of The Hive Cluster map and collect the Artifact of Command in the game.

What Does Artifact of Command Do

Artifact of Command - Risk of Rain Returns
Screenshot by Gamepur

Artifact of Command removes the RNG drops you get by opening item and equipment boxes during your Risk of Rain Returns runs. Once you activate this Artifact, every chest you buy and open will prompt an item selection screen. It will allow players to select any item from the display box, and that particular item will drop on the ground for pickup.

This is one of the best reasons players select Artifact of Command, as it allows them to make custom builds by selecting items from hundreds in the pool. You can use this on the easiest difficulty mode and try to unlock Pilot Survivor or Robomando’s secret character in the game.