Risk of Rain Returns: Quickest Way To Unlock Drifter

Buy and carry as many drones as possible in Risk of Rain Returns as you have high chance to unlock a secret survivor.

Risk of Rain Returns - Unlocking Drifter

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The diverse character roster in Risk of Rain Returns is one of the best reasons the gameplay loop remains interesting and fun. You start with Commando and Hunter, and the other characters come with unlock requirements you must fulfill if you want to walk in their shoes.

Drifter is one such survivor that requires you to complete a simple task, but there are so many variables involved that make it impossible to accomplish. Here, we have entailed the fastest way to get drifter in Risk of Rain Returns.

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All Steps To Get Drifter Quicker

Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Drifter is unlocked after you recycle six drones into the drone recycle station in Risk of Rain Returns. Acquiring six drones during a run requires grinding and exploring every stage, but the rarity of the recycle station spawning makes the whole task challenging.

The easiest and quickest way to get Drifter is to acquire Artifact of Command, get and use the Drone Repair Kit, and scrap the drone six times. While this is a multi-step process, at least this is much more convenient as you do not have to rely heavily on the random drone recycle station spawning in the game.

The Artifact of Command can be obtained in the Hive Cluster map of the game. Once you have it, toggle the Drone Repair Kit Equipment to appear for you every time you open an Equipment box. On every usage of this item, you will spawn a unique drone.

Whenever you find the recycle or drone scrapper station, use this equipment six times and scrap all those drones one by one to unlock the Drifter character in the game.

Once this is done, Drifter will become available as a playable survivor after your current run in the game.