Roblox Inazuma Rebirth codes (January 2023)

“On Earth, there aren’t any allies or enemies when the match is over.”

Image via Inazuma Rebirth

Roblox Inazuma Rebirth is a great soccer game on Roblox. In the game, you need to play against other players with your team to beat them and earn XP and money. You can also form a team with your friends to play the game. What makes this game fun are the inhumane powers and the ability to customize your player.

It can take time and effort to advance in the game to earn enough XP and money, but you can quickly get there using the working codes. These codes help you get XP points and money to help you level up and purchase various things. The codes are generous and give you a lot to work with.

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All Roblox Inazuma Rebirth Codes List

Roblox Inazuma Rebirth Codes (Working)

  • There are currently no active codes.

Roblox Inazuma Rebirth Codes (Expired)

  • !code 6.5KFav — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code GodHand — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code Update3 — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code Variants — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code Shinies — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code FlameDance — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code 10kMEMBERSTY — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code BallLagFix — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code 1KPlayings — Reward: XP points and money.
  • !code Update2 — Reward: XP points and money.

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How to redeem codes in Roblox Inazuma Rebirth

Follow the steps below to redeem Roblox Inazuma Rebirth codes.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Launch Roblox Inazuma Rebirth on your device.
  • Open the chat in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Type any working code with ‘!’ to redeem it.

How can you get more Roblox Inazuma Rebirth codes?

The developers keep Roblox Inazuma Rebirth updated with new things and codes. You can get your hands on these codes by joining the official Discord server for the game. In the server, check out the codes channel for active codes in the game.

Why are my Roblox Inazuma Rebirth codes not working?

If your Roblox Inazuma Rebirth codes are not working, ensure you are typing them correctly. You may be entering the codes without ‘!’ or you are entering it twice. To avoid all that, copy the codes from above and paste them. It’s also possible a specific code might have expired, and it no longer works.

How to get more money and XP in Roblox Inazuma Rebirth?

If codes are not enough for you to get money and XP in Roblox Inazuma Rebirth, you have another way to get them. You need to play the game on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These days, you will get 1.5x XP and money, making it easier for you to get them.

What is Roblox Inazuma Rebirth?

Roblox Inazuma Rebirth is a game based on the Inazuma Eleven anime series. The show is all about soccer, with players having some inhumane powers called hissatsu. In the game, you play soccer with other players and unlock more hissatsus to make the game more fun and easier.