Roblox Tower Heroes codes (March 2023)

Protect the gate.

Indulge in the thrill of defending your territory against endless waves of enemy attacks with Roblox Tower Heroes. In the game, you have to deploy a variety of towers and heroes to defend your territory. Each hero comes with their unique abilities and can be upgraded to match the increasing difficulty levels of the game.

Whether you’re a fan of fast-paced gameplay or want to test your strategic skills, Tower Heroes has everything to offer. With a vast array of maps and modes to choose from, get ready to be hooked on to this game for hours on end. You can also redeem codes for free skins, coins, and more.

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Roblox Tower Heroes all codes

Roblox Tower Heroes working codes

  • crispytyph — Reward: Typh Hazel Stickers
  • SPOOKTACULAR — Reward: Bat Boy Skin and Smiley Face Sticker
  • FRANKBDAY — Reward: Funny Birthday Frank Skin
  • 2020VISION — Reward: Streamer Skin
  • PixelBit — Reward: 20 Coins
  • ENEMYPETS — Reward: Spider Stickers
  • July42020 — Reward: Fireworks Skin
  • HEROESXBOX — Reward: Xbox Skin
  • ODDPORT — Reward: Skin and Stickers
  • CubeCavern — Reward: Wiz SCC Skin
  • pizzatime — Reward: Skin and Sticker
  • ENCORE — Reward: Stickers and Characters
  • Valentine2023 — Reward: Cupid Quinn
  • Easter2022 — Reward: Maoi Sticker
  • THSTICKER — Reward: Stickers
  • 4JULY2021 — Reward: Fireworks Modifier
  • KARTKIDPLUSH — Reward: Kart Kid Plush Sticker
  • RDC2022SPIN — Reward: Wuffle, Byte, and Chirp Stickers
  • TEAMUP — Reward: Team Up Sticker

Roblox Tower Heroes expired codes

  • PVPUPDATE — Reward: Modifier
  • PoisonShroom — Reward: Mushroom Skin
  • COOPERATE — Reward: 3 Stickers
  • FastFood — Reward: Orange Soda Skin
  • CartoonyWizard — Reward: Cartoony Outline Wizard Skin
  • NEWLOBBY — Reward: Burst Skin
  • ONEYEAR_TH — Reward: 20 Coins and Concept Chef
  • DevHiloh — Reward: Hiloh Skin
  • Karts&Chaos — Reward: Popcorn Skin
  • xmas2020 — Reward: Snowflake Skin
  • 100MIL — Reward: Skin and 20 Coins
  • lunar2021 — Reward: 20 Coins
  • APRILFOOL — Reward: Negative 20 Coins and Gun Wizard Skin
  • TEAMSPARKS — Reward: Metaverse Skin
  • 4JULY2021 — Reward: Modifier
  • TreeBranch — Reward: Leaves Skin
  • happy2021 — Reward: 2021 Voca
  • Valentine2022 — Reward: Angel Slime skin
  • FRANKBDAY — Reward: Birthday Frank Skin and Stickers
  • 1MIL — Reward: 1 Million Skin and 20 Coins
  • thxgiving — Reward: Pilgrim Skin
  • July42020 — Reward: Fireworks Skin
  • halloween2020 — Reward: Green Jack o Lantern Skin

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How to redeem Roblox Tower Heroes codes

Screenshot by Gamepur

Follow the steps below to redeem Roblox Tower Heroes codes

  • Launch Roblox Tower Heroes on your device.
  • Click on the Roblox button on the left side. 
  • A pop-up to enter the codes will appear.
  • Type any code there and redeem it to get rewards.

Where to get more Roblox Tower Heroes codes

If you’re looking for more Roblox Tower Heroes codes, the best places to find them are on the game’s official Discord and Twitter pages. The developers frequently release new codes on these platforms, which you can redeem in-game for rewards and bonuses. By keeping an eye on these platforms, you can make sure you never miss a new code and keep your gameplay experience fresh and exciting.

Why are my Roblox Tower Heroes codes not working

If you’re having trouble redeeming Roblox Tower Heroes codes, there could be a few reasons why they aren’t working. Firstly, the code may have expired, and once it does, it cannot be redeemed any more. Secondly, if you’ve made a typing error while entering the code, it will not work. Double-check the code to ensure that you’ve entered it correctly.

How to get more rewards in Roblox Tower Heroes

In Roblox Tower Heroes, you can earn free rewards by completing weekly quests. These quests can reward you with coins and unique items, such as skins and towers. By completing these quests, you can unlock exclusive rewards that enhance your gameplay experience. Keep in mind that these quests refresh every week, so be sure to check back regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest rewards.

What kind of game is Roblox Tower Heroes

Roblox Tower Heroes is a tower defense game that challenges players to defend their tower against waves of enemy attacks. Players can deploy a variety of towers and heroes to defend their territory, each with their unique abilities and upgrade options. The game features fast-paced gameplay that requires quick thinking and strategic planning to succeed.