Sea of Stars: All Haunted Mansion Puzzles & How to Beat Dweller of Woe

Find out how to solve every puzzle in Sea of Stars Haunted Mansion, together with a boss guide to defeat the Dweller of Woe.

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The Sea of Stars’ realm dazzles with vibrant greens, oranges, and blues, creating a stunning tapestry of colors. However, after setting foot in the Haunted Mansion, the color palette grows dark, grim, and red. This signals that something big is coming: the epic showdown against the Dweller of Foe.

But, before facing the Sea of Stars’ big baddie, a couple of puzzles must be solved, and ghosts must be rescued from everything from angry flying books to menacing dancing couples.

How to Complete Haunted Mansion Puzzle in Sea of Stars

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Enter the room to the right and welcome Serai back to the party. Defeat the book enemies and speak with the chef ghost in the room to unlock a campfire.
Head to the room on the right and attack the Waltzers. Then, speak with the lady ghost.
Interact with the torch left to the fireplace to unveil a secret room to the fireplace’s right.
Pull the lever and deploy the ladder to head back downstairs. Here, defeat the book enemies in the dining area to speak with the ghost above. Plus, you can treat yourself to the ingredients on the table.

How to make the Master Ghost Sandwich Recipe in Sea of Stars

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Garl is our Warrior Cook, but I’m sure he didn’t expect to be prepping meals for ghosts either. To solve the Master Sandwich puzzle in the Haunted Mansion, walk into the room northwest to access the kitchen and follow this recipe:

  • 2 hepar
  • 4 dust
  • 3 sugar
  • 1 rust
  • 2 slices of dread
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All the ingredients are scattered around the kitchen counters. Grab everything you need and take it back to Garl. Then, give this sandwich to the ghost in the dining room to get 100x Gold and access to the next room.

Sea of Stars: Solve the King and Knight Helm Puzzle & Painting Puzzle

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To solve the Haunted Mansion’s Library puzzles, follow these steps:

There’s a statue north, the Knight, and a statue to the east, the King.
Take the Knight’s helm from the king, and place it on the Knight.
Pick up the King’s crown on the upper floor and place it on the King.
This activates a bigger puzzle that must be solved upstairs. Follow the pattern on the painting in the center and replicate it in the frames to the right and left.
The correct order for the left frames should be: bird, antler, skeleton, demon.
The correct order for the right frames should be: demon, skull, antler, and bird.
This unlocks the combo skill X-Strike down by the fireplace. Plus, it clears the door to the right.

How to Find and Defeat the Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars

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To find the Botanical Horror, enter the garden of the Haunted Mansion. If you’re looking for one extra Rainbow conch, hit the switch on the pot near the wall to the left to unveil a secret room.

Ready for a showdown against a deadly plant? Head north through the maze. There are a couple of enemies to clear out, and thorny paths are impossible to clear.

To defeat the Botanical Horror, use as many multi-target attacks as possible to bring down its flowers. Once its flowers are down, maximize these 4 turns to target the Botanical Horror’s head and deal as much damage as possible. When all 4 turns have passed, the flowers will be revived. Repeat this mechanic until the Botanical Horror is down.

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This boss has only got one regular attack: all flowers go underground and attack one random ally. Still, since there are four flowers, it’s likely all party members will take damage unless they are brought down.

After defeating the Botanical Horror, rest at a nearby camp and head to the main room for an epic boss fight against the Dweller of Woe.

How to Beat the Dweller of Woe in Sea of Stars

Join the headmaster, Bugraves, and Erlina in a boss fight against the only living Dweller. Though there are a couple of helping hands, the Dweller of Foe is a formidable opponent with two phases and forms. Throughout the fight, he’ll be vulnerable to solar and lunar magic, so keep Valere and Zale’s MP bar filled up.

Phase 1Phase 2
Regular attackMirror Images: The Dweller of Woe summons 2 copies of itself. These copies absorb any dealt damage until they are taken down.Spectral Scythes: Deals two instances of party-wide damage. Can be blocked.
Charged attackSoul Spikes: Rains drops of pain on each party member, dealing party-wide damage. Can be blocked.Pain: Spits out several soul spikes dealing double party-wide damage