Sea of Stars: How To Complete Elder Mist Trials

This guide covers how to complete the Elder Mist Trials with all correct answers and how to the defeat the Elder Mist in Sea of Stars.

In Sea of Stars, Valere and Zale are on their way to becoming Solstice Warriors. Through a training montage, we see them do push-ups, climb-ups, and weaving through the years. Lots of weaving, it seems. Their rapid growth from kids to adults happens in minutes for players.

That’s why we’re left a bit puzzled when this trial opens up with a surprise pop-up quiz. The trials of Mist challenge players’ understanding of the world in Sea of Stars and the mission these Solstice Warriors must undertake. There’s also a fair share of platforming puzzles and combat challenges — all of which are covered in this guide.

Sea of Stars: All Elder Mist Trials Correct Answers

To solve the Elder Mist trials, all three storm portals before you must be cleared. Each poses a different challenge, whether it be combat-focused or riddle-based. The goal is to complete the challenge inside to earn a blue crystal, a token of completion.

Sea of Stars: How to Clear the Left Portal in the Elder Mist Trials

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Follow these steps to complete the first portal in the Elder Mist Trial:

  1. Up the stairs, activate the lever on the left. This lever controls the floating platform up north.
  2. Board the platform, jump on the second floor, and head right. Near the brink, unfold the ladder.
  3. Head downstairs and trigger the lever again to move the floating platform.
  4. Now, climb up the ladder, board the platform, and jump on the ice trail.
  5. Defeat the enemies to grab the first crystal.

Sea of Stars: How to Clear the Center Portal in the Elder Mist Trials

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In the second portal, walk to the back of the room and up the climbable rocks to start the challenge. To get the Elder Mist crystal, all three riddle questions must be answered correctly.

Second floorOf these two actions, which one regenerates MP?Attacking
Third floor
What is the name of the school you went to?
Zenith Academy
Right portalOne very important Soltice Warrior Duty is to destroy Dwellers, who become vulnerable during which natural phenomenon?Eclipse

After answering these riddles, grab the crystal to exit the room.

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Sea of Stars: How to Clear the Right Portal in the Elder Mist Trials

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Follow these steps to complete the last portal in the Elder Mist Trial:

  1. Jump on the trail of floating rocks south.
  2. Use the climbable rocks to reach higher ground.
  3. Keep heading left and drop down to engage the Terns in battle.
  4. Take a leap south and activate the lever to deploy two bridges.
  5. Jump right to head back to the starting area and climb up the rocks.
  6. Use the deployed bridge to reach the left area and grab the crystal at the end.

Sea of Stars: How to Beat Elder Mist

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Though the trials in Sea of Stars are almost complete, the hardest part has yet to come. Make sure to rest at the camp behind. When ready, interact with the floating sphere ahead to start an epic battle against the Elder Mist.

  • Regular move: Fist Slam
  • Bonus move: Counter Slash
  • Charged move: Healing
  • Vulnerability: Solar and Lunar magic

The Elder Mist uses its left sword to perform a high-damage sweep attack called Counter Slash. This is by far its most deadly move, making taking down that sword a top priority. The sword is also vulnerable to Lunar and Solar magic, so Valere and Zale are the ideal candidates to absorb Live Mana and deal the most damage possible.

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As long as the Elder Mist Sword in Sea of Stars is down, the only attack in this enemy’s repertoire is the Fist Slam, which only damages one target at a time. This is the ideal time to deal as much damage as possible without worrying about healing up the party.

Whenever the Elder Mist conjures up a light blue orb in its right hand, he’s about to use his charged move: healing. This move restores the sword unless interrupted. Use your full arsenal to thwart it.

Keep up the pace for a few turns, and the Elder Mist will go down in no time. After taking him out, the Elder Mist Trials in Sea of Stars will be complete and the ability to rewind and forward time to solve Eclipse puzzles will be unlocked.