Necromancer's Lair guide Sea of Stars
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Sea of Stars: How to Complete Necromancer’s Lair & Beat Romaya

Find out how to open the green skull door in the Necromancer's Lair and Beat Romaya in Sea of Stars following this guide.

Sea of Stars has a mean cast of bosses waiting for our Solstice Warriors to kick their butt. Still, before going up in arms against Romaya, or any other boss for that matter, there’s a series of puzzles that must be solved. The Necromancer’s Lair door is closed shut, and there seems to be a skull mechanism behind opening it.

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Still, traversing this area isn’t the easiest thing, especially considering there’s a key item you need to obtain before you can reach every corner of Romaya’s hideout. This guide takes you through every step of solving the Necromancer’s Lair puzzles and how to defeat Romaya in Sea of Stars.

How to Find All Three Green Skulls to Open the Door to Romaya’s Lair

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To find Romaya, defeat three Revenants in the Necromancer’s Lair and open a heavy stone door with three skull-shaped holes. Each defeated Revenant will drop a skull. Once all three skulls have been collected, it’ll be time to defeat Romaya, the necromancer who’s behind Lucent’s curse.

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Sea of Stars: First Revenant Skull in the Necromancer’s Lair

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The first green skull can be obtained by fighting the first Revenant in front of the entrance. Once defeated, he will drop the green skull.

Sea of Stars: Second Revenant Skull in the Necromancer’s Lair

Solve Skull Puzzle Necromancer's Lair Sea of Stars
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Enter the door to the right.
Pull the lever next to the group of enemies.
Head north, board the platform, and pull the lever to reach the area to the right.
Climb the bony stairs and deploy the ladder southwest.
Trigger the lever southeast again, and use the newly deployed ladder to reach a new area south. Then, climb up the bony stairs and head north to find a red treasure chest with the graplou.
Stand on the rune and press B to trigger the graplou.
Head up the bony stars, stand on the rune, and use the graplou to reach the other side.
Keep climbing to reach the rune to the left. Then, head left to enter a new area.
Trigger the platform’s lever above, keep heading northwest, and use the graplou.
Enter the room north to defeat the Revenant. Grab the green skull to open the door to the Necromancer’s Lair in SoS.

Sea of Stars: Third Revenant Skull in the Necromancer’s Lair

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Head outside and enter the door to the left. Inside, use the graplou in the room above.
Pull the lever above to cause a set of stairs to spawn to the left.
Use the graplou to reach the area to the left.
Use the graplou on the wizard above the reach the platform above.
Keep using the graplou on the areas and platforms until reaching a new lever. The levers will cause the floating platform to advance with you, so keep an eye out for them.
Use the tightrope to reach the green lever in the upper platform, and then activate it to lift a bridge.
Now, trigger the lever northwest to cause the floating platform to travel below.
Keep traveling with the graplou until you reach a new area to the right. Head east and down the stairs.
Use the lever to pull a floating platform closer. Here, reach the lever northeast to cause the platform to float higher.
Climb up and use the graplou twice to reach a new platform with enemies. Once defeated, pull the lever to cause a new set of climbable bones to spawn.
Pull the lever above to move the floating platform, then graplou southwest and pull one final lever. Then, head back to the previous room and use the graplou to reach the new platform to the north center.
Beat the final Revenant to get the missing green skull.

How to Beat Boss Romaya in Sea of Stars

Romaya boss guide sea of stars
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Romaya is, unsurprisingly, a necromancer. Her main attack involves turning the pile of bones and flesh nearby into enemies. Though it’s by no means the hardest boss fight in the game.

  • Normal attack: Uses her necromancy powers to resurrect the pile of bones and a pile of flesh into Revenants and zombies.
  • Charged attack: Deals party-wide damage with toxic rain
  • Vulnerability: n/a

After defeating Romaya, she’ll reluctantly hand out the items you need to get back to Garl and cure him.

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