Sea of Stars: How to Solve the Autumn Hills Fire Puzzle & Beat the Leaf Monster

Find out how to solve the camp puzzle in the Autumn Hills to defeat the Leafy Monster in Sea of Stars.

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The Autumn Hills are a gorgeous, fall-themed area in Sea of Stars. Leaves carpet the ground, while vibrant oranges and browns grace the scene. However, my awe for this area’s beauty stopped the second that camp puzzle near the end of the area got me stuck and staring at my screen for like half an hour. To be fair, it’s not the most obvious puzzle to crack, and even after solving it, nothing could have prepared me for the nefarious monster that came to get me. This guide will solve the Autumn Hills puzzle and help you defeat the Leaf Monster in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars: Autumn Hills Puzzle Solution

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After this guy with a massive derby hat shows up, spits a riddle, and plays the flute, you’re by two logs in this leafy area with a seemingly useless camp in front. Follow these steps to solve this puzzle:

Forward time using your ability until the sky is completely dark. The campfire should be completely surrounded by lunar magic.
Then, use the wind ability provided by the Mistral Bracelet to push all the leaves around the area.
The leaves should all reach the camp in the center, giving rise to your new worst nightmare: the Leaf Monster.

How to Defeat the Leaf Monster in Sea of Stars

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After defeating legendary pirates and even two Dwellers, a random tree monster doesn’t sound like much. Yet, your assurance crumbles when you realize this guy doesn’t take any damage. Here’s the complete moveset and strategy to beat the Leaf Monster in SoS.

  • Normal attack: Uses its arm branches to claw at one ally.
  • Charged attack: Throws its leaves away, boomerang style.

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Though the leaves boomerang attack deals damage, it actually creates an opening. This is the perfect time to attack. In fact, it’s when you’ll deal the most damage. Take advantage of it before this Leafy Monster recovers its leaves.