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Should you Choose Axe of Godrick or Grafted Dragon For the Remembrance of the Grafted in Elden Ring?

You have to pick between the Axe of Godrick or the Grafted Dragon in Elden Ring, and this guide shows you which one to pick.

The bosses in Elden Ring are powerful adversaries, and when you’ve defeated them, they will drop incredible items you can use in future battles. For example, Godrick drops the Remembrance of the Grafted, a rare item you can use on your travels.

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The Remembrance of the Grafted is a rare item that can give you one of two items. You can only choose one of these items, outside of duplicating it through a rare process. However, when you first defeat Godrick, you’ll be forced between two items. Should you choose Axe of Godrick or the Grafted Dragon when you use the Remembrance of the Grafted in Elden Ring?

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What is the best Remembrance of the Grafted Choice in Elden Ring?

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The choice will come down to what type of character you’re playing. You’ll have two options while playing Elden Ring: the Axe of Godrick and the Grafted Dragon, and they each use different stats to make the most of these weapons.

For the Axe of Godrick, your character will want to focus primarily on the attribute Strength in the Elden Ring, as the weapon requires a minimum of 34 Strength to wield properly. Alternatively, the Grafted Dragon weapon also requires Strength, but not as much, and has a mixture of Strength and Faith attribute requirements.

If you primarily focus on increasing your character’s Strength and using weapons in this category, we recommend the Axe of Godrick. Alternatively, if you’re also leveling Faith alongside your other skills, the Grafted Dragon weapon is handy and has a mixture of Physical and Fire damage that it inflicts against enemies while you play Elden Ring.

When you pick between the Axe of Godrick or the Grafted Dragon, I always go with the Axe of Godrick. It has far more use than the Grafted Dragon, but some other players might feel differently about this, and it all comes down to playstyle, especially in Elden Ring. If you want to try something new, you can never go wrong with using the Grafted Dragon as a weapon.

However, if you want to try both of these weapons on your Elden Ring character, seek out the walking Mausoleums you can find. You see these giant, church-like turtles wandering around the world. After you defeat them, they’re going to fall, and you can head inside their top shells to duplicate any Remembrance you’ve already acquired.

You can decide when you go to the Roundtable Hold and speak with the Finger Reader. She will teach one of these after defeating Godrick. You can only pick one of them, and the other goes away.

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