What is the max level in Elden Ring?

Reach a new height of power in Elden Ring.

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Making sure you’re ready for the next encounter in Elden Ring can take you a reasonable amount of time. Not only do you need to level up your gear and make sure your equipment is ready to go, but your character’s level also plays an important role in keeping your stats in check, giving you access to a range of gear, weapons, and spells. Here’s what you need to know about what the max level is in Elden Ring.

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Is there a max level in Elden Ring?

We can confirm that Elden Ring has a max level you can reach while playing. Hitting the maximum level is not a requirement, nor should you feel that you need to get this level to have a good time playing Elden Ring. Instead, it’s something you can choose to do while playing, but reaching this point takes a lot of time and farming. The maximum level you can reach in Elden Ring is 713 when each of your stats comes the 99 thresholds in every bar, for eight. This entire process is a massive grind to reach, but it is an option for every character in Elden Ring.

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This means you’ll be spending a good chunk of your time playing going after the many enemies in Elden Ring, farming the larger enemies, and trying to find the best locations to acquire Runes, which is the primary resource you need to use when leveling up in Elden Ring.

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If you want to reach the maximum level in Elden Ring, expect to hit 1,692,588,415 runes by the end. It’s a massive grind for most players, so we only expect a handful ever to reach this point. Again, it’s important to note that reaching this high level is never required, so don’t feel obligated to reach this point in Elden Ring if you’re happily bouncing around the many bosses, taking them down with your favorite stats.