Should you open the repository or not in Hogwarts Legacy?

The final choice before facing off against Ranrok.

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When you reach the end of the game, there will be a critical choice you face in Hogwarts Legacy, where your character has to pick between opening the repository or leaving it closed. This is one of the final options you’ll encounter while playing Hogwarts Legacy, and it feels like a critical moment for your character to figure out what type of Witch or Wizard they’re going to be. Should you open the repository or should you keep it contained in Hogwarts Legacy?

What happens if you keep the repository contained in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you plan to keep the repository contained, your character chooses not to use the magic that is in this location in an attempt to defeat Ranrok in combat. Professor Fig will agree with you on this choice, and he will talk with you about how he struggled with the secret of this location. You can share with Fig if you plan to keep it a secret or only plan to keep it a secret for now.

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In the next scene, you will battle against Ranrok, and defeat him, with Professor Fig perishing in the battle. There is a heartwarming scene of Fig saying goodbye to the player character, wishing them well, and saying that his wife, Miriam, would have loved to have met the player character.

What happens if you open the repository in Hogwarts Legacy?

If your character chooses to open the repository when asked by Professor Fig, they will want the power to be open, no longer keeping inside this location for more centuries to come. Professor Fig will question your choice, leaning into how you know Isidora’s fate, asking again if you’d like to confirm the choice. Your character has a brief moment to backstep from this choice or continue down the path of opening this location up, accessing the power.

The final cutscene at the end of Hogwarts Legacy plays slightly differently. If your character chooses to keep the power contained, you and Professor Fig will fight to keep it in place. However, if you open the repository’s power for yourself, the ending will feature you using it to keep it in place, channeling it, and your character’s eyes will glow red. Fig disappears in this ending, rather than having a more emotional death scene as he would if you were to choose to leave the repository closed.

Although the cutscenes are slightly different, it’s important to note that the overall outcome is not too different from each other, and the choice doesn’t have a greater effecting Hogwarts Legacy, unfortunately. There are only minor changes, with your choice of opening the repository considered the “evil” ending in the game. Regardless, the players can continue playing Hogwarts Legacy and complete the rest of their time at the school without any consequences.