Should you pick Jagni or Myriad Tribes in Biomutant?

The first choice of the game.

When players first jump into the world of Biomutant, things can be a little bit confusing. One of the first choices that players will need to make is whether they should ally with the Jagni or the Myriad Tribes. Little information is giving about what will happen depending on which one you pick, so in this guide, we will run through some important information.

The first thing you should know is that the Jagni Tribe and Myriad Tribe both represent different sides of the philosophical approach to living in the world of Biomutant. The Jagni represent the belief that the world needs to be cleansed, and that the tree of life should be destroyed. Starting again is the only solution for them. If you align with them, your mission will be to destroy the tree of life, and when you defeat other Sifus you can subdue or vanquish them.

The Myriad Tribe represents the belief that the world should be saved, and can once again be a worthwhile place. They are looking to stop the Worldeaters from destroying the tree and keep civilization moving forward on a better path. When you join them your mission will be to save the tree of life, and when you defeat other Sifus you will be able to unite or subdue them.

The most important impact over the course of the game is twofold. First, which choice you make will impact the Aura system. The Aura system is whether your character is good or bad, light or dark, and will pop up from time to time in a decision you need to make about freeing prisoners or killing animals, etc. The second is the end, and players should stop reading right now if they don’t want any spoilers.

Basically, how you play will impact which side of the argument wins, and if you want to save the world you should go with Myriad, and should you want to destroy it you should go with Jagni. As you impress or dominate the tribes, you will eventually get access to their Wung-Fu abilities and weapons, so you don’t technically miss out on anything based on this decision.