Should you play the Be Brave or Become Legend difficulty for Destiny 2’s Lightfall campaign?

Will you rise above and accept the legendary challenge?

Image via Bungie

For any Destiny 2 player intent on embarking into the Lightfall expansion, there is a critical choice you will need to make before you start the game: will you Be Brave or Become Legend? You’ll have to pick these difficulty options when it comes to playing the Lightfall campaign, and they are drastically different from each other. There are a handful of choices you’ll want to consider before you make this decision, and there are benefits to completing the game on Become Legend. Should you play the Be Brave or Become Legend difficulty campaign for Destiny 2’s Lightfall?

What happens if you choose Be Brave?

This will be the standard gameplay difficulty you must work through while playing Destiny 2’s Lightfall campaign. We recommend using this option when you first play through the Lightfall campaign and visit Neptune. The overall difficulty won’t spike too much, and this type of gameplay is approachable for someone who plans to work through the campaign alone. You’ll steadily earn weapons and gear close to your Light Level, and it’s a good way to embark on this expansion for the first time.

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That said, if you’re looking for a more difficult Destiny 2 challenge and you’re playing the game with a reliable fireteam, the Become Legend route might be a better option.

What happens if you choose Become Legend?

The Become Legend is the much more challenging difficulty for the Lightfall campaign. This option will have you facing off against worthy opponents that will prove challenging, and you’ll want a wide array of weapons to destroy their shields. Completing this mode, however, does yield exotic armor drops and powerful gear to get you ready for The Roots of Nightmare raid. If you’re up for a challenge, jumping into Become Legend is a solid choice, and you can always tone it back down to Be Brave if you’d instead go with the normal difficulty.

We recommend returning to Become Legend if you’ve completed the campaign at least once and want to try it again on a harder difficulty or would like to play it with your other Destiny 2 characters.