Destiny 2 Season of Defiance’s new trailer shows off a fabulous new Stasis bow and seasonal activity

Get ready to breach the Ascendant Plane.


Screenshot via Bungie’s YouTube channel

With mere hours to go until Destiny 2 Lightfall’s release, Bungie has published the first trailer for Season of Defiance. The season launches alongside Lightfall and kicks off another year of content. It sees guardians fight back against Calus’ forces as he works with the Pyramid ships to capture the forces that support The Traveler.

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The trailer for Season of Defiance gives us a lot to take in. There are three new Stasis weapons on show, including a new Sword and Grenade Launcher. However, it’s the bow that looks to be the seasonal Exotic, the weapon all players can unlock from the free and premium Season of Defiance Pass. As the user draws back and holds the shot to aim, the bow multiplies the arrows the user can fire. Once loosed, the arrows strike enemies dealing damage, but they also produce Stasis crystals that freeze targets and add obstacles to the battlefield.

As for the season’s story, we see that Mara Sov is heavily involved. Calus’ forces are capturing many of The Tower’s allies and locking them up in Pyramid ships. For what purpose, we’re not sure. The seasonal activity revolves around using Mara Sov’s power to enter the Ascendant Plane and annihilate all manner of Taken enemies. Once again, we’re not sure why this is necessary, but it’ll likely help fight back against Calus and the extra power he’s been granted as a disciple of The Witness.

As with every season, there will be new Ritual Weapons and other activity-specific weapons to earn. A Grenade Launcher was the Ritual Weapon last season, Season of the Seraph, so we’re sure Season of Defiance will have something different. This could be the Sword that gets shown off in the trailer, though this may just be a weapon that can be earned from the seasonal activity.

Destiny 2 fans around the world are gearing up for Ligthfall’s launch. Despite a preload issue last week, PS5 players are now in the same camp as everyone else. However, those on Xbox Series X/S need to change a few settings on their console if they want to be able to play the latest expansion and season today with the rest of us.