Should You Pull For Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf) in Reverse 1999

Reverse 1999 1.3 comes with a new roster of charactersbut, is the ‘Black Dwarf’ Kaalaa Baunaa worth pulling for in R1999?

should you pull for Kaalaaa Baunaa Reverse 1999

Image via Bluepoch

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So, you’re in a bit of a conundrum about pulling for Kaalaa Baunaa, also known as Black Dwarf, in Reverse 1999. Can’t really blame you when 37 and 6 are right around the corner for the next 1.4 version.

Back when 1.2 dropped, the choice to pull or not to pull for Pickles was pretty easy to determine because, well, it’s a cute English philosophy-loving dog. And while Kaalaa Baunaa is undeniably gorgeous, I’m not about to make another choice just based on looks. For free-to-play players, cautious planning is essential. You earn limited pulls per patch, and even that doesn’t guarantee a character every time. With popular characters dropping in 1.4, spending recklessly on Kaalaa Baunaa might not be wise. Here’s an overview analysis of Kaalaa Baunaa as a character so you can decide whether to pull for her in Reverse 1999.

Kaalaa Baunaa Character Overview in Reverse 1999

Kaalaaa Baunaa 1.3 Reverse 1999
Image via Bluepoch

Kaalaa Baunaa is a 6-star DPS Mineral and Mental arcanist and probably the first Indian character to ever grace Reverse 1999.

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Kaalaa Baunaa’s kit revolves around playing planetary cards strategically. Depending on the majority of planets you consume, you unlock different bonuses. Saturn is for DPS, Mars is for survival, and the full moon is for additional effects. The key is to cycle through attacks, trigger her ultimate, and strategically consume planets for optimal benefits.

Is Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf) Good in Reverse 1999?

Image via Bluepoch

There is no denying Kaalaa Baunaa is one of the best damage dealers Reverse 1999 will have to offer, at least in its 1.3 version.

However, deciding whether you should pull for Kaalaa Baunaa depends on whether you need an extra DPS and are willing to adjust to her specific playstyle.

Do you need a mineral-flat damage dealer? If yes, and you lack one, Black Dwarf might be your gal. Sure, there’s talk about upcoming mineral powerhouses, but the details are sketchy, and who wants to wait? 

If you’re sitting on a pool of pulls and looking to secure a unique character, Black Dwarf might fit the bill. Her damage output rivals Eternity, especially if you do not like the latter’s survival-focused playstyle.

Should You Pull for Black Dwarf in Reverse 1999?

Kaalaaa Baunaa Reverse 1999 Preview
Image via Bluepoch

To decide whether you should pull for Black Dwarf in Reverse 1999, consider your playstyle and current roster. 

If you lack a mineral flat DPS and have the patience to master Kaalaa Baunaa’s kit, she could be a game-changer. On the other hand, saving might be the smarter move if you’re happy with Eternity or have specific plans for future characters.

Ultimately, it boils down to your preferences, strategy, and roster needs. Black Dwarf is undeniably powerful, but whether she fits into your lineup depends on your unique circumstances. The wait for 1.4 will likely be long, so I’ll definitely be pulling for Black Dward and learning how to play with her until the next update of Reverse 1999 arrives.