Best Teams in Reverse 1999 Version 1.2

Let’s figure out which are the best teams to get through Reverse 1999’s toughest stages in the 1.2 Update.

Best Teams in Reverse 1999

Image via Bluepoch

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Everyone loves pulling and leveling up the highest-rated characters in Reverse 1999, but unless you can pair them up with the right team, that won’t get you far.

Assembling the right team is your key to victory. Sure, pulling the best characters, leveling their insight and resonance with materials, and studying their best build is important, too. But no one, not even Melania, can clear the late stages of limbo on their own. Building the best teams in Reverse 1999 is a must, but it’s also pretty tough. The success of these teams hinges on synergy, timing, and strategic maneuvers. In this guide, we’ll go over the best teams in Reverse 1999 and why they work.

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Team 1: The Damage Ensemble

Image by Gamepur
  • Damage Dealer: Lylia
  • Support: Sonetto
  • Healer: Tennant

Lylia might not be the best damage dealer in the game, but she’s decent enough on her own. With Sonetto’s buffs, she’ll deal more and take less damage. In the meantime, Tennant will look cool in the back while she reduces the enemy’s defense with Diamond Bullet. 

Lylia’s star power combined with Sonetto’s buffs and Tennant’s healing make this one of the best teams in Reverse 1999. Sonetto amps up Lylia’s damage potential while Tennant keeps the team alive. 

Team 2: Offensive Dominance

Best Centurion Team in Reverse 1999
Image by Gamepur
  • Damage Dealer: Centurion
  • Support: Bkornblume
  • Healer: Balloon Party

Centurion is an S-tier damage dealer, but while she will lead the charge here, she won’t be the only one dishing out damage. Bkornblume can also spread some damage while she debuffs the enemy. However, because Bkornblume is pretty vulnerable, a solid healer like Balloon Party must bolster the team’s resilience.

If you’re into clearing stages quickly at the risk of having a party wipeout, this is your team. It’s an offensive powerhouse that balances damage output with survivability.

Team 3: Eternity’s Edge

Best Eternity Team in Reverse 1999
Image by Gamepur
  • Damage Dealer: Eternity
  • Support: Bette

Despite lacking a healer, this is one of the best teams in Reverse 1999. Eternity is a powerhouse, especially when she’s on her own. Bette is the perfect ally since she’ll reduce the damage Eternity takes in battle. 

This team’s strategy revolves around maximizing Eternity’s potential by minimizing allies. It’s a play on calculated risk.

Team 4: Well-Rounded Power

Best Regulus Team in Reverse 1999
Image by Gamepur
  • Damage Dealer: Regulus
  • Support: Voyager
  • Healer: Medicine Pocket

Regulus is an amazing DPS, but she stands tall with Voyager and Medicine Pocket by their side. Voyager’s strategic effects, like Confusion and Counter Essemble and Medicine Pocket’s healing prowess, create a sturdy foundation for Regulus to deal damage.

I’ve found this team to be much more balanced. With everyone filling in their role diligently, the chances of survivability are much bigger. 

Team 5: The Best Things in Life Aren’t Free

Best Melania Team in Reverse 1999
Image by Gamepur
  • Damage Dealer: Melania
  • Support: An-an-Lee
  • Healer: Medicine Pocket

Melania takes center stage in this best team in Reverse 1999. Because her offensive focuses mostly on hoarding AP, An-AN-Lee and Medicine Pocket are the ideal sidekicks who’ll make her rotation go by much quicker.

An-an-Lee supports Melania’s offensive prowess, while Medicine Pocket ensures the team’s survival. Medicine Pocket’s Sturdiness will make sure this team doesn’t rely too much on the offensive side. It’s a specialized team built for surgical strikes and high-value targets.

Team 6: Pickles’ Versatility

Best Pickles Team in Reverse 1999
Image by Gamepur
  • Damage Dealer: Melania
  • Support: Pickles
  • Healer: Medicine Pocket

Pickles joins forces with Melania and Medicine Pocket to build the ultimate best team in Reverse 1999. Pickles offers a versatile setup for various Carry strategies. Still, I think Melania’s S-tier damage dealing suits everyone’s favorite dog perfectly. 

Meanwhile, Medicine Pocket provides crucial support to keep the team alive. This team offers adaptability, which means Melania can take the lead while backed by a solid foundation of offense and defense.

Team 7: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Best Sonetto Team in Reverse 1999
Image by Gamepur
  • Damage Dealer: Eagle
  • Support: Sonetto
  • Healer: La Source

While this team is made up of mostly lower-tiered characters, it’s a blend that works magnificently. Her ability to secure a critical hit 100% while debuffing an enemy’s critical defense makes Eagle particularly strong. This can be strengthened by Sonetto’s damage buff. At the same time, La Source works to keep the party safe, especially with her reduced Moxie debuff.

This Reverse 1999 team is one of the best budget ensembles you can get early on in the game.

Team 8: Deadly Debuffs, Killer Crits

Image by Gamepur

In this team, Centurion unleashes high damage to both one enemy and all enemies. She can also self-healing and inflict weaknesses on enemies, so she’s pretty self-sufficient. Pair her with Shamane and Toothfair to further debuff the enemies while restoring Moxie for the team.