Reverse 1999: Tooth Fairy vs. Medicine Pocket [Full Breakdown]

Two S-tier healers, only one possible outcome: is Tooth Fairy better than Medicine Pocket in Reverse 1999?

Tooth Fairy vs Medicine Pocket Reverse 1999

Image by Gamepur

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Healing is an unskippable aspect of Reverse 1999s gameplay, and Tooth Fairy and Medicine Pocket are the best.

However, as much as I love both character designs, sometimes resources are limited; we can’t have it all. If sacrifices had to be made, you would have to choose which healer would be better for your party: Tooth Fairy or Medicine Pocket. In this guide, I’ll compare both healers to help you decide whether you should pull for Medicine Pocket or Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999.

Should You Pull for Medicine Pocket or Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999?

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you have to choose between Medicine Pocket and Tooth Fairy, prioritize pulling for Tooth Fairy first in Reverse 1999.

However, if there’s one thing we can learn from the Chinese server version of Reverse 1999, which is way ahead of our English global version, 1.4 is way more challenging. As PvE gets harder, we’ll be in desperate need of healers. That’s why I’d highly recommend pulling for both Medicine Pocket and Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999 as long as it’s within your possibilities.

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Plus, if you’re interested in going for Limbo, you’ll need to be able to switch between two teams, and no team should be missing a healer. Having both Tooth Fairy and Medicine Pocket in your team sets you up for all content in the game. The only alternative is to have top-tier DPS and support characters to work around the need for healing.

Reverse 1999: Medicine Pocket vs Tooth Fairy, Compared

Screenshot by Gamepur

Generally speaking, Medicine Pocket is a pure defensive healer, while Tooth Fairy can also play with offensive skills in Reverse 1999.

Medicine Pocket’s skills toy with Sturdiness, control, and burst healing. In contrast, Tooth Fairy can manipulate enemies’ critical defense and the party’s critical damage without losing focus on the healing aspect.

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Here’s a table showcasing both Medicine Pocket and Tooth Fairy’s skill and gameplay in Reverse 1999, so you can choose who to pull for:

Medicine PocketTooth Fairy
– 6-Star Arcanist, Beast Afflatus, Mental Damage

– When her HP goes below 50%, she improves her healing power 

– Debuffs enemies’ damage taken by +20%

– Mass Heal that grants Sturdiness

– Deals moderate mental damage, inflicts Daze on the enemy, and earns 1 Moxie
– 6-Star Arcanist, Star Afflatus, Mental Damage

– Debuffs enemy’s Critical Resist by -25%

– Mass heals with a 30% Crit rate

– Deals moderate damage with a 30% Crit rate and cleanses the party of status ailments.

– Induces Crit Resistance and Crit Defense by 15%