Should you report on Sebastian In the Shadow of the Relic in Hogwarts Legacy

Sebastian will remember this.

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Hogwarts Legacy is not a Telltale or Quantic Dream game. However, you’ll still have to make world-changing decisions throughout your playthrough. Yes, many of the choices you make in the game will significantly change the Wizarding World. This is the case with betraying Sebastian Sallow or not. After all the events with the Unforgivable Curses and the very dark path that Sebastian Sallow starts to take, he will go overboard with an Avada Kedavra spell. After this mission called “In the Shadow of the Relic,” we’ll have to talk to Sebastian and later with Ominis to make the big call: should we report Sebastian Sallow or not?

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What happens when you report Sebastian?

If you choose to report Sebastian, Ominis, his friend and fellow Slytherin, will hesitate. Although he does not think it’s a bad idea per se, he will let us rectify it with a second dialogue where we can answer, “I have changed my mind,” and thus not betray him. If you choose this dialogue, refer to the second answer below.

But be careful. If you insist on betraying Sebastian Sallow again, Ominis will no longer insist on changing your mind. After reporting Sebastian, you will not see him ever again. Not even in the game’s final quest.

What happens when you don’t report Sebastian?

Let’s say you chose not to report him instead. Whether this is your first choice or you had a change of heart after your first attempt to betray him, you’ll come to the same path. Your character will argue that, in the end, Sebastian has learned his lesson and will not do it again. Besides, you’ll say, Anne is already lonely enough. She can’t afford to lose her brother as well. With this decision, you will continue to see Sebastian, final quest included.