Should you roll on the Hu Tao banner in Genshin Impact?


Genshin Impact

Image via Gamepur

The Hu Tao Banner is just about to land in Genshin Impact, bringing the Polearm Wielding Pyro character Hu Tao to the game. Getting Hu Tao means rolling on the Banner using your precious Primogems and Fates, so players will want to decide if they are going to roll on the Banner or not.

Banner rolling normally means going all in, dumping every stored Primogem and Fate not just to get the character, but to try and get their full constellation as well. While not really necessary, many players want to experience the full power of these characters, and will need to make smart decision about when to invest.

First up, we need to try to decide if Hu Tao herself is worth it, and the answer most certainly seems to be yes. As a Pyro character, Hu Tao has access to the strongest element in the game, and can cause on-hit Pyro effects with her attacks. Her Element Skill causes her attacks to scale with her health, and her Elemental Burst includes self healing.

What this means is that Hu Tao is a greedy, on-field brawler who can self-heal, dish out Pyro damage, and will be far less reliant on off-field healing, allowing players to experiment with a triple stack of sub-DPS characters, if they wish.

The rest of the Banner

The other characters on the Banner are also very important. Hu Tao is accompanied by Xingiu, Xinangling, and Chongyun, who will all receive large drop rate boosts. All three are very respectable characters, with Chongyun capable of being a great main-DPS, while Xingiu is one of the best sub-DPS characters in the game. Anyone who has him already should be rolling this banner to try and get more of his constellations, and his additional damage output and healing will really bolster Hu Tao.

So, this Banner is great value and should offer something to most players out there. The final consideration is the rumor of a looming Rosaria banner, and as another potentially greedy onfield, players might want to decide whether they want to go with her or Hu Tao.