Should you roll on the Sparkling Steps Klee Banner in Genshin Impact?

Friendly destruction.

Genshin Impact

The return of Klee’s Sparkling Steps banner means players once again have the chance to pick up this Pyro user and add her to their lineup. The question is, should you actually roll for Klee? Wishes cost valuable Primogems, and players always need to balance which champs they are going for and which ones they are willing to miss out on.

For Klee, this is actually fairly simple. Her role is Pyro-based DPS, and she is incredibly good at doing that. With Pyro being one of the strongest elements in the game, most players want to ensure they have at least one powerful Pyro-based DPS in their squad. So, if you already have a strong Pyro DPS like Hu Tao or Diluc, then you won’t really need Klee. If you are lacking a strong Pyro DPS, then Klee is a superb option that will not let you down.

The other consideration is how much work you will need to do to get Klee up to the level of the rest of your squad. If you already have built up some Catalysts and other Pyro users, you can bring her online much quicker than someone who hasn’t experimented with those aspects of their squad at all.

The rest of the Banner also needs to be taken into account, as there are other characters you could end up getting other than Klee. Fischl, Sucrose, and Barbara are all up for grabs and are all fine options. Fischl is something of a known factor for most of the community, offering either strong main DPS options or a great off-field Sub-DPS character. Barbara is a respectable healer who excels at stripping Pyro shields, and Sucrose is a surprisingly powerful main DPS for anyone willing to run her with a part made up of Beidou, Xingqiu, and Xingling.

The final consideration are how close you are to a mercy 5 Star, and how badly you want the upcoming Kazuha who is due to headline the next Banner. If you are close to a mercy with nearly 90 Wishes made and no 5 Star received, then you may want to hold out as you can all but guarantee the new Anemo character that way.