Should you save or spend your Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

Saving or spending — the choice is yours.

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Dark Crystals are one of the most important currencies in Tower of Fantasy, allowing you to purchase all the gacha currencies for a small fee. There are also restoratives and character creation reset items available. Early on in Tower of Fantasy, the game all but showers you in Dark Crystals, but after a dozen or so hours, it starts to become a rare and increasingly valuable commodity. Where, then, should you be spending it, or should you save up? This article answers that question.

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Spend for limited events, or save for the future

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Whether you spend or save your Dark Crystals in the HOT store menu depends on whether you want to engage with the limited event or if you want to supplement your Gold Nuclei supplies. We don’t recommend spending your Dark Crystals on Gold Nuclei, as those are easy enough to come across simply by playing the game, either in Supply Pods or through Daily bounties and season passes and other means.

On the other hand, Red Nuclei are limited event currency available only for 150 Crystals a pop or by paying real money for Tanium and purchasing bundles with Red Nuclei in them or converting them to Dark Crystals on a one-to-one basis. That means it’s best to hold onto your Dark Crystals for the duration of the event if the character doesn’t interest you, or spend 1,500 of them for ten gacha pulls for the limited character.

Bear in mind that the limited characters will likely make their way into the Standard Banner gacha system at some point in the future. If you have extra patience, you can save thousands and thousands of Dark Crystals for the next limited event. Then you’ll have tons of chances at the new character early on. If you decide to save, you’ll have more freedom to purchase other items with Dark Crystals, as you know you’ll have plenty in the future.