Sons of the Forest full achievements and trophies list

Complete your trophy collection.

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Sons of the Forest will make gamers go through some tough challenges during their playthrough. Battling cannibals and mutants is already a challenging job, however, the game wants you to complete a few random tasks to get all of the achievements. Just finishing the main quest won’t be enough to get every trophy in Sons of the Forest. So, here is a full list of achievements and trophies for Sons of the Forest that will help accomplish the impossible.

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All trophies and achievements for Sons of the Forest

There are 28 achievements that you can get in Sons of the Forest and most of them will involve you either going through the main quest or doing extreme chores. Here is the full list of achievements and trophies that you can complete in Sons of the Forest, in alphabetical order:

  • 1%: Collect $1000
  • Architect: Build A Structure With Over 500 Logs
  • Badger: Dig 100 Holes
  • Chivalry Is Not Dead: Reach Max Sentiment With Virginia
  • City Planner: Build A Structure With Over 1000 Logs
  • Collector: Pickup 50 Watches
  • Contractor: Build A Structure With Over 100 Logs
  • Dynamo: Wear A Full Set Of Tech Armor
  • Every Move You Make: Give A Gps Locator To Virginia
  • Fashionista: Own Every Piece Of Clothing
  • Fight Demons: Stay On The Island
  • Foodie: Eat One Of Each Type Of Edible In The Game
  • Fought Demons: Leave The Island
  • I Dream Of Sushi: Eat 20 Raw Fish
  • I Like Blisters: Dig 1000 Holes
  • Keep Your Friends Close: Complete The Story With All Friendly Npcs Still Alive
  • Maker: Print One Of Every Item
  • Mc Crafty: Craft All Weapons
  • Need A Bigger Boat: Get Killed By A Shark
  • Never Going Home: Survive Day 50
  • Pinata: Blow Up A Sluggy
  • Sucker For Punishment: Get Kicked By A Heavy Cannibal 5 Times
  • Survivor: Survive Day 1
  • This Can’t Be Healthy: Drink 50 Cans of Fi-Z
  • This Place Isn’t So Bad: Survive Day 25
  • Tradesman: Build A Structure With Over 50 Logs
  • Trusted: Become A Trusted Player In A Multiplayer Game
  • What Could Go Wrong: Survive Day 10