Splatoween 2023 – Dates, Times & How To Get Event Splatoon 3 Headwear

Time for Splatoween in Splatoon 3!

Image by the Squid Research Team

Spooky season is here, which means a whole new world of celebrations for Splatoon fans. While we may not have gotten Splatoween last year when Splatoon 3 first launched, it’s a completely different story now. This time last year, we were just getting out of the initial Splatfests and into the Pokemon celebration fest, one that we enjoyed instead of Splatoween. Now that the haunting times are upon us, there are new looks, gear, and spooks to be had in Splatsville.

Splatoween Announced For 2023

Image by the Squid Research Team

The Squid Research Team, as the Splatoon devs call themselves, has announced a new Splatfest coming in this season. Instead of a standard Splatfest, it’s Splatoween. This time around will sport a haunting theme, one that features haunted choices, spooky looks on all the idols, and fresh new gear just suited for the occasion.

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This time around, the choices are between who would be the best spooky friend to have? A zombie, a skeleton, or a ghost? You’ll be able to make your choice following the announcement in game, so that you can start rolling for ability chunks as soon as possible. With a new Splatfest comes a new opportunity to really rack up abilities, so don’t let the time go to waste!

How To Get Special Event Headgear in Time for Splatoween

Image by the Squid Research Team

With a celebration of Splatoween comes brand new gear. Just like last Splatoween in Splatoon 2, there’s new gear to claim, although it won’t be the exact same gear as last time. Instead of a fish head or kelp gear, we instead get more pointed kinds of Splatoween costumes, like the Undead Head, Swim Reaper, and more.

As of now, there are four gear pieces to claim in the game. To get these pieces, be sure to update your Nintendo Online app before accessing Splatoon 3 inside it. Once there, you can claim your gift and open the items in-game. Just like shopping in the online store, getting some new items is just a phone tap away.