Top 8 Anime Collabs That Would Work in Fortnite

Some of these characters would fit right in, especially with Fortnite’s recent anime crossovers.

Image by Epic Games

Before the first anime collab, or even the first anime skin, saying that anime collabs would even be a thing back in the early days of Fortnite would have been a funny joke. It’s become a long-running joke that screenshots of Fortnite these days look a bit more like Gmod. In some cases, it would be far easier to accept that it’s Gmod, with so many iconic characters running around. Collabs can be fun for fans of any kind of media, but anime seems to make a lot of waves, both in the Fortnite community and out. This guide reviews some anime that doesn’t have a collaboration with Fortnite just yet, but considering our current lineup, it wouldn’t be half bad.

8. One Punch Man

Image via Bones Studio

ONE’s work is reliant almost on humor as a medium for keeping the story going. Having Genos and Saitama in the lineup for Fortnite would not only be an excellent promotion for the work but wouldn’t stick out too much, either. Where skins like Thanos feel a little too serious for Fortnite, Saitama, and Genos are goofy enough at times to fit right in with the main cast. And considering that Saitama and Genos can both withstand bullets to a certain extent anyway, it makes sense for them to treat Fortnite as it is: a game. While no back blings or pickaxes spring readily to mind, the concept of taunts doesn’t fall very far from Saitama.

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7. Evangelion

Image via Gainax

Another popular anime that’s never seen the Fortnite battlefield is Evangelion, which is surprising. With all the other popular anime that have been thrown into the mix regardless of age, you’d think Evangelion would have gotten a spot by now. There’s plenty of pickaxe and back bling potential, especially when you consider all of the Eva designs involved. Characters wouldn’t be limited to Shinji either; alternate outfits and other characters could be considered for Fortnite pretty easily based on what we get from the movie reboots.

6. Spy X Family

Image via Viz Media

Spy X Family is a more modern contender that we’re surprised hasn’t gotten a foot in the door yet. While it doesn’t have as much long-standing popularity as the other current collabs that exist between anime and Fortnite, it wouldn’t be a strange addition by any means. Spy X Family may fit in more than a few other skins out there, especially considering how many borderline immortal and superpowered skins we have in the cast. Having characters that actually use guns in their work fits with the theme just a little bit more, and since the thematic tune with Fortnite lately seems to lend itself to spy-work and such, Spy x Family is an excellent opportunity for a profitable collab with fans of the show.

5. Mob Psycho

Image via Bones Studio

While Mob himself wouldn’t quite like to hold a gun, it wouldn’t be very surprising for Reigen to do so. (He actually did during one encounter in the show, so props to his pistol skills.) It would be a tad silly to see someone like Mob in Fortnite, but with all the potential lingering behind that series, it’s hard to guess why it hasn’t happened yet. With all the emote potential Reigen has alone, this potential collaboration, especially in something like a Battle Pass, would do well. Other ways the anime could cross over quite easily with Fortnite would be to make Dimple a back bling or perhaps an alternate version of Mob where he possesses him.

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Image via Lucky Land

It’s a wonder why they haven’t added Jojo characters in Fortnite yet. With the popularity and age of the franchise, it’s a wonder that younger anime got in first. They certainly don’t have issues like smaller characters, who might not fit the standard mold required for a character to be in Fortnite. The only issue with bringing Jojo to Fortnite wouldn’t be how to make them fit in the game but which characters to bring. The cast from Stardust Crusaders is an obvious choice, but it wouldn’t be too far off to include younger Joseph Joestar and other characters from Battle Tendency.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist

Image by Bones Studio

This anime gets full marks for being on the Fortnite hitlist almost completely because of its popularity. With the cape physics all polished up, characters like Edward could really shine, especially with custom Pickaxes coming into play. The only issue with Fullmetal Alchemist as an anime crossover for Fortnite would be Alphonse Elric. With his metal suit shape, he might be just a tad too big for the Fortnite model.

2. Angel Beats

Image by P.A. Works

If there’s one anime where it makes sense for all of these cute characters to have guns, it’s this one. Angel Beats is all about defending yourself with weapons in an alternate world, which aligns well with Fortnite, even down to the visual aspect. While less popular than some of the other contenders, the crossover would definitely come as a surprise. However, given the show’s initial popularity during its heyday, the reception for a crossover like this would go relatively well.

1. Cowboy Bebop

Image by Sunrise Studios

Cowboy Bebop, with its popularity and fitting into the world of Fortnite, could make for an excellent crossover. With all the options for gliders, pickaxes, and back blings, there are plenty of ways to make a full pack for three characters without even deviating from the series too far. Gliders could be replicas or miniature versions of the ships that each main character drives. Concerning back bling, Ein or even the plants that Jet cares for could make for some clever inserts. And because of Cowboy Bebop’s setting, it could slip seamlessly into Fortnite without issue. Every character, except maybe Ed, don’t look out of place holding a gun.