Starfield: All Terrormorph Types and Differences

Starfield’s universe is packed with xenobiology, the most dangerous of which are Terrormorphs, but there’s so much more than just one type.


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Starfield has pretty much everything sci-fi RPG fans could hope for. There’s an engaging main story to play through for hours, hundreds of side quests, and alien life on worlds scattered around the cosmos. However, it’s also got some of the more dangerous tropes.

Mercenaries, thieves, and black market deals are just some of the hazards players can encounter in the game, but at the top of the list of threats to life while exploring uncharted worlds are Terrormorphs. These strange creatures don’t seem to be native to anywhere, and they’re incredibly hostile.

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All Terrormorph Types & Differences in Starfield

The table below shows every type of Terrormorph in Starfield and what the differences between them are. Note that it appears there is a degree of randomness to where each type of Terrormorph will appear, but we’ve included the exact locations where we’ve encountered them so players can check for themselves.

This table is in progress and will be added to with every new type of Terrormorph we discover.

NameTypeDifferencesLocations FoundLoot
NormalThis is the standard Terrormorph variant. Make no mistake, though, it’s ferocious and will rip apart anything it sees just like any other variant. Players should be cautious if they suspect they’re anywhere near one of these things. Tau Ceti II, Tau Ceti Sysem: Players will encounter their first Terrormorph in a quest for the Vanguard faction. They’ll visit Tau Ceti II for what they believe is an easy job and end up getting ambushed by one of the aliens. That quest then leads into the greater Terrormorph narrative, starting with Delivering Devils. Alien Genetic Material, Quark-Degenerate Tissues, 5 Hallucinogens, and 4 Fiber.
Albino Terrormorph
AlbinoThe Albino Terrormorph is a white version of these creatures that’s even more terrifying than the standard variant. It leaps, screams, and lashes out at every opportunity to kill whatever it’s hunting. Kreet, Narion System:
We had to explore the surface of Kreet and look for evidence of past oceans and other points of interest before we saw gunfire in the distance and stumbled upon the Albino Terrormorph.
Alien Genetic Material, Quark-Degenerate Tissues, 5 Hallucinogens, and 4 Fiber.

What is a Terrormorph in Starfield

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Terrormorphs are angry alien creatures that will rip apart anything they see. They have four legs and a face full of teeth. When attacking, Terrormorphs will lash out with their two larger front legs and can scream at prey to deal ranged damage.

We first encountered one on Kreet where it had ripped through an entire laboratory of scientists, murdering them all, before escaping to the planet’s surface to wreak havoc. When we finally found this Terrormorph, it had killed a group of Spacers and was working on every Kreet Stalker it could see. The path of destruction was hard to miss.

Fighting the monster was the toughest thing we’d done in the game up until that point, with the Albino Terrormorph being a full eight levels above our character. We threw all the ammo we had at it across every weapon, and it still wasn’t enough. We had to finish it with an axe, and even that strategy almost didn’t go as planned.

Where do Terrormorphs Come From in Starfield

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No one knows which planet Terrormorphs originally came from. Computer log entries on Kreet, one of the first planets players will visit in Starfield, houses an old laboratory where scientists were attempting to create a collar that could control all sorts of alien lifeforms.

In an entry in this location, one scientist explains how a Terrormorph was delivered by marines. Out of a group of eight marines that were called to capture it, only two survived, and one of them still lost a leg. This computer log also notes that despite the Terrormorph being located on a newly charted planet, it did not originate there, and the planet of origin remains completely unknown.

While joining that faction, players can visit the Vanguard in New Atlantis and learn more about the Terrormorphs. A particularly large swarm of them appeared and attacked a city called Londinian in the past. It’s a sore memory for everyone in Starfield. Players will get to learn even more about them by tackling the Vanguard questline with missions like Delivering Devils.

The only knowledge people have of Terrormorphs is that after a human population has existed on a planet for a few generations, these creatures start to show up. That’s the only pattern to their appearance, and it’s unclear if they’re spread by spores or eggs through trade, or something else entirely.

How to Kill Terrormorphs in Starfield

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Terrormorphs are tough enemies to kill, but players can defeat them with enough firepower. Grenades and explosives of any kind that will cause large bursts of damage to the enemies will help kill them before they get too close, and conserve ammo if there are more dangers around. We recommend using a weapon with a concussive mod because that knocks the Terrormorph down a lot, making it an easier target for explosives.

Ultimately, Terrormorphs are like any enemy in Starfield, and can be defeated by working through each chunk of health. The chunks of health vary with the level of the Terrormorph, but after firing and attacking the alien enough, it’ll be on its last legs. After the final chunk of health has been whittled down, the Terrormorph will have a tiny bit of health left, with which it will try to limp away to fight another day. Hunt it down and kill it by destroying that last chunk of health before it gets away, preferably with a melee weapon to save ammo.