Starfield Entangled: How to Get Experiment A-7

Experiment A-7 is a unique shotgun you can unlock in Starfield, but you need to get it by asking the right questions with specific people.

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While exploring Starfield, you can find several weapons and unique pieces of equipment that your character can use to give them an edge. They’re going to need it while exploring space, and one of the more standout weapons you can find is Experiment A-7, a special shotgun.

Experiment A-7 appears during a specific sequence in Starfield. You’ll need to make sure you do the correct things for everything to line up and to add this powerful shotgun to your available weapons. Here’s what you need to know about how you can get Experiment A-7 in Starfield during the Entangled mission.

Where To Find Experiment A-7 in Starfield

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The chance to acquire this weapon occurs partially through your Entangled mission when you pop into Hughes’ locked security office. He’ll remark to your Starfield character how you were able to get in here, even though there’s no way to do so, but he’ll open the doors for you to exit. Before you leave, he’s going to comment on your character, asking if there’s anything else he can do to help you out. If your character has the Persuade skill unlocked, they’ll have a chance to ask Hughes about fighting the Cataxi in the other Universe.

Similar to the other Persuasion attempts in Starfield, there’s a mini-game you need to complete to convince Hughes to help you out. If you succeed in this game, Hughes will hand you the shotgun, Experiment A-7, giving you the opportunity to use it when you pop over into the other Universe.

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Outside of this situation, I have not seen an opportunity to acquire Experiment A-7. It’s a rare shotgun that has the Exterminator trait on it, giving it 30% more damage against aliens, making it perfect to fight against the Cataxi in the other Universe, and whenever you explore new planets. It also comes completely modded, with a long barrel, laser sight, reflect sight, choke, tactical stock, flechette rounds, a hair trigger, and fully automatic. Although, it is a shotgun in Starfield, and only has six rounds in each magazine before you have to reload it.

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After you have the shotgun, feel free to use it for the rest of the Entangled mission in Starfield, but before you leave the facility, you have to choose what Universe you want to save for this playthrough.