Starfield Entangled: Should You Save Rafael’s Universe, Patel’s Universe, or Both?

There is a choice to save Rafael or Maria’s Universe during Starfield’s Entangled Mission, but there’s also the chance to save them both.

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Critical choices are everywhere in Starfield as you get closer to the end of the game and find yourself nearly discovering Unity. Before you can do that, you’ll need to track down the final artifacts, and during the Entangled mission, there’s a drastic choice you’ll need to make regarding the Nishina Research facility on Freya III.

You find out that the artifact at the research facility is distorted into two universes. There’s one with Rafael, who has been stranded inside of the research base, and everyone is dead. However, the other is with Patel, where everyone is fine, but Rafael died in a tragic accident. When you reach the end of Entangled, you’ll have to choose to between them, although there is a chance to save them both. Here’s what you need if you should save Rafael’s Universe, Patel’s Universe, or save them both in Starfield.

Should You Safe Rafael’s Universe in Starfield?

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By choosing Rafael’s Universe, you’ll have to remain in the completely destroyed Research Facility and shut down all the power nodes. You’ll find them scattered throughout the laboratory, all seven of them, and manually click them off. After you’ve done this, return to the front of the room with the laser, and there’s a terminal where you can make your selection, shutting down the experiment and confirming your Starfield character is picking Rafael’s reality.

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When you speak with Rafael, he’s thankful you stuck around to save him and give him the second chance he never had. You’ll receive a few resources that he was able to find down there, credits, and the same amount of experience you’d receive for your Starfield character if you were to save the other universe.

Should You Save Patel’s Universe in Starfield?

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The alternative option is to swap back to Patel’s universe, the one where the research facility has not been destroyed, and select this one. Like the Rafael choice, you’ll need to go throughout the final room with your Starfield character and click off all the power switches. After you’ve done this, return to the front of the room to shut down the lasers, confirming that you’ve selected to save Patel’s reality, giving everyone still alive in the facility a chance to live.

Director Patel will await you on the other side when you leave this area. She’s happy you chose their universe, and you can tell her that you selected them because Rafael died to keep them going. This was the best way to honor that. When you complete the mission, you’ll receive Nishina’s Spacesuit, Helmet, and several other items on top of credits and the typical experience you’d receive for completing Entangled in Starfield.

Can You Save Both Universes in Entangled in Starfield?

There is a third choice: you can save them both. I can confirm that there’s the opportunity for your character not to be forced into a corner where they have to pick between these two, and they can instead have the option to protect them both. To do this, you’ll need to switch between the two universes and do a little legwork, but it’s worth it, especially for saving everyone and the rewards you’ll receive in Starfield.

How to Save Both Universes in Entangled in Starfield

It all comes down to finding the Lab Control Computer. In the destroyed universe, with Rafael, it’s in the far back, and you can access it at any time. I recommend doing this part first because it’s blocked off in Patel’s universe. Open up the computer, and you’ll need to start going through the procedure to stabilize the experiment.

The Initialization process is the quickest, but the Degaussing requires you to start the procedure, and then you have to go around to the various Power Nodes, turn them off, Degauss, and then turn them back on again for the Frequency Calibration. You’ll see a notification of what nodes you need to interact with for both universes, and they’re not the same.

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When you get to the Frequency Calibration test, things get tricky. Luckily, a slate to the right of the terminal tells you to properly calibrate it. The closest you can get to that is by hitting 24 GHz on the output frequency, and that gives you 34.5 on the Intake. However, this is fine. From here, you want to swap universes and repeat the process in Petal’s universe, which should not be destroyed, getting up to the Calibration Test. Instead of choosing 26 GHz, make sure to reach 40 GHz. When you return to Rafael’s universe, the destroyed one, you can set it to 24 GHz and get 34 GHz.

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With the Frenqucn Calibration test completed in both realities, go to the front of the experiment, on the left side, with your Starfield Character, and start the Primary Calibration Control. You’ll need to do this with both universes. After you’ve done this, your Starfield character will begin to switch between both universes. However, when you wake up, you’ll be in the medical lab, and Rafael will be there as well, with his alternative self lying in the bed, dead. You’ll have brought both universes together, saving everyone.

Should You Save Rafael, Patel, or Both Universes in Starfield’s Entangled?

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I cannot stress enough how much better of a reward it is to save both universes. It’s better to go out of your way to finish the experiment with your Starfield character, saving everyone and bringing them back together. Patel offers a larger portion of rewards, such as credits, armor, and every standard reward. However, you do miss out on Rafael’s resources, but that is a small price to pay.