Starfield In Their Footsteps: Should You Choose The Emissary, The Hunter, or Neither?

The Hunter and Emissary have a choice for you at the end of Starfield’s In Their Footsteps quest, but you can also choose neither of them.

There are some major story revelations that you learn about when you travel to Earth’s NASA Launch Tower in Starfield and you reach the end of In Their Footsteps. When you emerge from the tower, The Hunter and Emissary are both waiting to hear from you and how you feel about what you’ve discovered.

You’ll be faced with a choice at the end of the conversation with these two. The two want you to pick one of them to side with, showing who you’re going to support at the end of the game. There is a third unexpected option, where you can go with none of them and choose your path. Should you choose the Emissary, the Hunter, or neither of them in Starfield’s In Their Footsteps?

What Happens If You Pick The Emissary for In Their Footsteps in Starfield?

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When you side with the Emissary, they thank you, referring to you as an old friend. The Hunter is not enraged but is simply accepting of the matter. The Hunter vows to see you in the final place, where you’ll conduct the last mission in Starfield. The Emissary says they will bring the final artifact to you, above the Buried Temple, when you’ve collected the other pieces with Constellation. You’ll need to go collect those and bring them together before reaching the final mission. You may want to reflect on the Pilgrim’s answers during this moment.

You will now have to battle against The Hunter at the end of the game, but the Emissary says they’ll be able to help you.

What Happens If You Pick The Hunter for In Their Footsteps in Starfield?

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When you side with the Hunter, the Emissary insists you reconsider, but The Hunter is excited to win this argument. The Emissary agrees with your decision, although reluctantly, and promises to meet you at the Buried Temple at the end of Starfield. Like siding with the Emissary, you’ll need to track down the final Artifacts and collect them before you can begin the last confrontation and potentially see Unity.

Unlike the Emissary, The Hunter has a second task for you a favor. He wants you to take out his counterpart, Keeper Quilus, to prove that you’re on his side. You’ll need to confront Keeper Quilius in Infinity’s End, choosing to kill him or warn him, potentially tipping The Hunter off about your true intentions for the final Starfield mission.

What Happens If You Pick Neither of Them For In Their Footsteps in Starfield?

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The third option is to make enemies of both The Emissary and the Hunter, where you’ll now have them both to fight against at the end of Starfield. These two characters will now appear to you as enemies at the end of the game, and you’ll have to fight them both. You’re left to collect the final Artifacts by yourself, and the Emissary and The Hunter have Artifacts of their own you’ll need to collect from them to complete Unity.

Should You Pick The Emissary, The Hunter, or Neither of Them in Starfield?

This is a significant decision in Starfield. It reflects who you will side with, how it affects the end of your game, and what you will find when you reach Unity. For my playthrough, I decided to go siding with neither of them, believing it better to set out on my own and that Starborn was not the only one who could access these powers.

Unfortunately, I still need to reach the end of the game to find out how this all connects, but the bottom line is that this decision determines who your final combatant will be and who you side with in Starfield.