Starfield: Fixing Door Placement In Ship Builder, Explained

Unlock the secrets of door placement in Starfield’s ship builder! Learn how to customize your spaceship’s interiors with our step-by-step guide.

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There’s never a right time to deal with the more tedious aspects of ship design. For one, Starfield boasts one of the best ship editors in gaming history, with the ability to make just about anything you want. The only limiting factor when designing your dream ship is your imagination. Unfortunately, there’s no clear explanation of how to modify the door placement in Starfield, particularly when designing the interior portion of your ship.

The Starfield community is always looking for new ways to customize their creations, and sometimes that can be quite a challenge with the massive number of options that are presented to players. Weirdly enough, doors are one of those details that get lost in the overall scope of Starfield’s shipbuilding. Luckily, we’ve discovered the secrets to placing doors inside your custom ships without the game doing it for you. This will hopefully make getting around your ship easier, so without further ado, let’s get started.

Starfield: How Do I Place The Doors On My Ship?

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First, we have to go over the HABs and how they work. So, for those who don’t know what a HAB is in Starfield, it’s basically short for Habitat Modules. These modules are the living quarters for your crew and can increase the number of crew and passengers your ship can carry. They also allow you to construct different workstations and rooms aboard your vessel.

Now, this is where we return to the door issue in Starfield. Whenever we build our ships, many of us usually attach the HABs next to each other, which causes the game to place the doors automatically. To prevent that, what should be done is first choose the first HAB we want the door on and connect it to the second HAB in the same direction we want the door to be facing. Do not add the HAB directly to the ship, and the door will be where the two HABs meet at the connection point.

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Ship HABs vary based on the type, and they will add and provide different stations that you can utilize to increase your stats and capabilities. These things will help you survive space and combat while also building up your crew for those sweet skills and lonely moments. Just be sure to build enough space for your potential partners; we don’t want to potentially have any miscalculations on board the vessel.