Starfield Guilty Parties: Should You Talk to Benjamin Bayu?

You have the choice to talk to Benjamin Bayu in Starfield’s Guilty Parties mission, but should you ignore it and continue with the quest?

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Benjamin Bayu is a bigshot on Neon in Starfield. He uses his large variety of wealth and influence to get what he wants, never afraid to use it. During the Guilty Party missions for Ryujin Towers, there’s an opportunity that you can pick to talk with him, but it’s out of the way.

The option to talk to him doesn’t prevent you from continuing the mission, but it can make it easier. However, there’s a catch. When you speak with him, there’s going to be an offer to do work for him, which means you might find yourself stuck doing his dirty work. Should you talk to Benjamin Bayu during the Guilty Parties mission in Starfield?

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What Happens If You Talk with Benjamin Bayu during Guilty Parties in Starfield?

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For anyone who wants to complete this mission by talking with Benjamin Bayu, it can be not easy to track him down. If you’ve talked with him before doing other missions, there’s a good chance you already know where to find this Starfield character. You must go to the Astral Lounge and proceed into the VIP area.

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When you reach this area, go all the way around the VIP lounge to the other side, and look for Booth 4. Your Starfield character should not have too much trouble reaching this area because it is not blocked off. You’ll find Benjamin in his booth, idly watching the show below. When you approach Benjamin, he’s going to give you the chance to enter his territory on Neon without any resistance. However, you can persuade him or take the side job he offers. You’ll have the chance to persuade him to accept the job.

What Happens If You Don’t Talk with Benjamin Bayu during Guilty Parties in Starfield?

When you don’t talk with Benjamin Bayu, proceed to the Ebbside on Neon, and head over to the shop called Frankie’s Grab + Go, which will have bright neon signs above it. You can always use your Starfield Scanner while you have Guilty Parties mission as the priority to track this location down. Unfortunately, because Benjamin Bayu is not helping you out, the front door to this area will be closed, and the merchant who owns the store, Franchesca Moore, won’t let you inside. She’s going to stop you from entering, and you’ll need to persuade her to let you through the doors.

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I’ve found that the only way to get this key from Franchesca is to steal it from her, which can be difficult inside a full store. If you can pull it off and steal her key, the door to her shop will open, and you can proceed inside to grab Imogene. Unfortunately, all Syndicate members in the hideout will be hostile to you, so expect a fight.

Is It Better to Talk With Benjamin Bayu or Not for Guilty Parties in Starfield?

It all depends on how you want to approach this part of the quest. I found that speaking with Benjamin Bayu made entering the hideout much easier, and I could avoid the fight with the Syndicate there. It made navigating it relatively simple, but he does require you to pass a Persuasion check or to do a job for him to enter this area.

Stealing from Franchesca can be tough, and I did end up taking out a gun to take her out and looting her. I felt this was the poorest choice I could make in this Starfield mission, and I would recommend that other players avoid it.