Starfield: How to Complete the Mantis Base Letter Puzzle

Here’s how to solve the annoying Mantis Base puzzle in Starfield.

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Starfield might be home to deadly aliens and ships that can sail the galaxy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any annoying video game puzzles that you’ll need to solve. Case in point: the Mantis questline involves a puzzle where you must bypass a trap by stepping on letters on the floor, Dungeons & Dragons-style.

If you follow the Mantis questline, you will eventually need to travel to a secret outpost on Denebola I-b, where you will face numerous Space Pirates in battle. One of them will offer to surrender, and they’ll warn you about a trapped corridor ahead. There are letters on the floor, and you need to step on specific ones; otherwise, several level 40+ laser turrets will blast you to smithereens.

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How To Solve The Mantis Base Puzzle On Denebola I-b In Starfield

To solve the puzzle in the Mantis Base on Denebola I-b, you need to step on the letters T, V, R, A, N, N, I, and then S. If you step on the wrong tile, then the turrets at the end of the walkway will blast you. If you try to jump over the tiles with your jetpack, they will also shoot you, so there is no way to cheat your way through the puzzle.

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To start with, step on the T and then grab the loot from the two corpses before moving onto the V on the far left.

Then move from the V to the letter R, then move to the letter A, which has another corpse beyond it that you can loot.

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Then, move from the letter N to the next letter N.

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Finally, move from the N to the letter I, then complete the puzzle by stepping on the letter S. You will now have access to the door at the end of the corridor, leading to a room full of loot.

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Don’t worry about bringing a companion for this part of the quest, as the developers knew what they were doing. Any companion you bring to this part of the game will patiently hang back and only step on the correct tiles after you have moved past them. This means you don’t need to worry about them pulling a Leeroy Jenkins and killing both of you.