Starfield: How to Find Titanium

Titanium is one of the several resources you can find in Starfield, and this guide makes it easy to find it for any crafting projects.

Titanium is one of the many resources you could find while playing Starfield. These resources are critical to a handful of crafting projects that you might be working on in the game, especially if you’d rather make gear yourself and not have to purchase or loot it from other characters.

Titanium can be tricky to track down. It does not appear on every planet, and that means you’ll have to spread your wings and explore the galaxy to find a reliable place to harvest it. In this guide, we’re going to cover how you can find Titanium in Starfield and the best planets that will have it.

Where To Find Titanium in Starfield

When tracking down Titanium, it all comes down to finding the correct planet in Starfield. This is one of the rarer resources, and that means you’ll have to travel around the entire galaxy, checking out the various systems to see if they have any trace of Titanium. Thankfully, after scanning a planet, you can see every resource that is available on the surface. If you don’t see Titanium as one of those options, move on to the next planet or system to investigate further, and don’t waste your time.

Because not every planet in Starfield will have Titanium, there are a few reliable locations you can visit where you can harvest this resource. You’ll need to make your way down to the planet to find the individual deposits, or you can find a large area of it, planting an Outpost on it, harvesting it over time. These are some of the best planets to find Titanium in Starfield.

  • Bradbury
    • Bradbury III
  • Cheyenne
    • Heilo
  • Guniibuu
    • Guniibuu VI-D
    • Guniibuu VI-E
  • Eridani
    • Eridani VII-C
  • Procyon A
    • Procyon II

What Is The Titanium Periodic Symbol in Starfield?

Screenshot by Gamepur

A good way to quickly tell if a planet has Titanium or not is to check if you can see the Ti symbol in the resources section. In Starfield, this stands for Titanium, as it’s the Periodic Symbol you’d see for it, similar to the other symbols you’ll always see in a preview of a planet before you choose to land. If you don’t see the Ti symbol, move on to another planet, scan it, and see if your luck holds. Luckily, if you’re orbiting a planet, you can check every resource on every planet or moon in the same system as you without scanning it.