Starfield: How to Get and Farm Adhesive

If you plan to craft in Starfield, you’ll need lots of Adhesive. Here’s where to find it.

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Adhesive is one of many crafting resources in Starfield, used to create weapon mods, outpost structures, suit mods, and more. To get Adhesive, however, is pretty easy, as there are quite a few locations that offer renewable sources of it, and at volumes that allow you to only make one or two stops before you can go off to craft again. We’ll cover how to find and farm Adhesive in this Starfield guide.

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How to Get and Farm Adhesive in Starfield

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There are three main places to get Adhesive in Starfield:

  • In general stores across the Settled Systems
  • Inside flora and fauna on the surfaces of planets
  • In loot chests in random and static dungeons

Of the three, buying Adhesive is the easiest, requires the least effort, and can be the most consistent, but it does require you to be at a vendor that has it in stock. If you’re on a distant planet with Adhesive on it, that’s obviously a better place to get it by harvesting from the local flora and fauna.

Where to Buy Adhesive in Starfield

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You’ll primarily find Adhesive sold in one of Starfield’s dozen or so general stores and Trade Authority vendors. They tend to cost around 10 credits per piece and come in stacks of 15-20 per vendor, sometimes less. Here are all the merchants I could find that have Adhesive in their stock:

  • Akila: Shepherd’s
  • Gagarin: Clint’s Collectibles
  • The Key: General Goods (You need to be in good standing with the Crimson Fleet)
  • Neon: Newill’s Goods, Trade Authority
  • Mars: UC Exchange
  • New Atlantis: Jemison Mercantile, UC Distribution
  • New Homestead: The Store

If you’re on the surface of an uncharted planet without any major port cities and run into a civilian outpost, be sure to check the shops there, as well. You might also find some goodies like Digipicks and other necessities. If you want to get as much Adhesive as possible, be sure you know how to reset vendor stocks and credits, so you can have the easiest access to as much of the stuff as you need.

How to Farm Adhesive on a Planet

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To farm Adhesive on a planet’s surface, you first need to find one that has plants and animals that provide it. Gagarin is has plenty of Adhesive from its plentiful ball cactus-like flora. Any other planets you find with similar sources, including living creatures, should end up on your farming list. Be sure to set up an outpost on your farming planet of choice, so you have a fast travel point near where you want to harvest.

Your other on-planet source of Adhesive is in the loot chests and as loose loot at the various hostile encampments you find as you explore. Unlike Sealant, I wasn’t able to find as much Adhesive when I was looking for it specifically, but it’s still out there.

If you prefer the pirate’s life, it’s always possible to steal or rob passing ships of their cargo, and there might be Adhesive among their belongings. Boarding enemy ships to either take as your own or for their loot can also be a solid source of both Adhesive and weapons, and the gear you get can also be sold for a good price. Lastly, you can technically also get Adhesive from your companions as they find various items out in the world, but I don’t recommend this last strategy, as the companion loot pool has enough in it that hoping for the item you want is something of a fool’s errand.